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Taxation of dividend – How Does it works?, How dividend is taxed?

Section 194J TDS

How does the taxation of dividend works?, There has been confusion since many days in the minds of the readers about how the dividend is taxed in India, whether it is taxed by the company which is paying or to the person to which they are paying to. I have clarified the same by way of […]

Payment of Dividend – Can it be in Kind ?

Payment of Dividend – Can it be in Kind ?

Payment of Dividend – Can it be in Kind ?, Now the results of each and every big companies are coming out with very good results and high net profits in comparison with the last year. And so it would the dividend coming into the picture, where the companies would be paying the dividend to their […]

Deemed Dividend – Section 2(22)(e) : check out carious conditions

Deemed Dividend

Deemed Dividend – Section 2(22)(e) – Complete Details, Find Everything you want to know about Deemed Dividend U/s 2(22)(e).  In this article you can find complete details for Deemed Dividend like Introduction for Deemed Dividend, Conditions should be satisfied to call the payment as a deemed dividend etc. Deemed Dividend -Section 2(22)(e) of Income Tax Act 1961. […]