How amazing would it be to jet off to the Sundance Film Festival and mingle with some of the biggest stars in the world and watch some of the best films? It would be insane, right? But since the festival is largely only attended by Hollywood celebrities, we’ll have to settle for famous movie reviews AND amazing celebrity looks. But not all is lost, from 20 to 30 January 2022, the 10-day event will not only feature glamorous parties, but you’ll also be able to pick up on the latest fashion trends too. Some of the movie premieres have us excited too! Here are our top pics of celebrities we are excited to see at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Kanye West

Kanye has had controversy after controversy much like he has hit song after hit song. Yet people across the globe are still interested in what he is going to do next. Following his split from his reality star wife Kim Kardashian, people are even more interested in Kayne’s life. While most of his public appearances, clothing drops, and songs have been a success, his running as a 2020 presidential candidate was arguably his most surprising act and one which Kim K cites as one of the reasons for their separation – yikes. But back to the Sundance Film Festival. Jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy is a documentary using never-before-seen footage chronicling Kanye’s music career right from the get-go.

Dakota Johnson

We know her from the 50 Shades of Grey Franchise and being the daughter of famous parents Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson. If you don’t know her parents then here’s some info: Melanie starred in some of the classic 80s and 90s films like Lolita, Mulholland Falls, and Crazy in Alabama and Don was the titillating character in Miami Vice (the original series from the 80s) and Nash Bridges. Dakota Johnson is best known for being pro women’s rights and speaking out against all forms of sexual abuse and gender-based violence.

At the Sundance Film Festival Dakota will be featured in the film, Am I ok? The film follows life-long friends Lucy and Jane as they navigate their lives. Things start to unravel when Jane announces that she’s leaving for London and Lucy lets loose a secret she’s held onto for a long time. Another film we can expect to see is Cha Cha Real Smooth. A college graduate strikes up a friendship with a young mom and her autistic child.

Sundance Film Festival

Sigourney Weaver


A powerhouse actress who needs no introduction. Sigourney Weaver has featured in over 100 movies such as the classic Alien Franchise, the original Ghostbusters, Avatar, Heartbreakers, and more. Not only is Sigourney an acting goddess but she’s won countless awards for her talents too and therefore we can’t wait to see her at the Sundance Film Festival. The legendary actress is currently filming the long-awaited second installment of Avatar.

In some of her latest work to be shown at the festival is a movie named, Call Jane. It takes place in Chicago in 1968 and tackles the issue of body autonomy, most notably abortion. After surviving a life-saving secret abortion, a housewife seeks to give women access to safe abortions through an underground network of women known as Jane.

Audrey Plaza

Probably most memorably known as her Parks and Recreational character April Ludgate, Audrey Plaza is one talented yet hilarious actress. With a slew of comedies under her belt, Audrey is no stranger to the weird and wonderful as she often portrays characters who are social outcasts but who are comfortable in their skin. Aubrey is not your typical Hollywood IT GIRL and lives a relatively lime-light-free life.

She’s recently co-authored a book with journalist Dan Murphy titled The Legend of the Christmas Witch. The book chronicles the tales of the Christmas Witch who is Santa Clauses’ long-lost twin sister. Catch Audrey in Emily the Criminal which will premiere at the festival. The story follows the heavily indebted Emily who gets involved in a credit card scam that leads to deadly consequences in Los Angeles.

Sundance Film Festival

John Boyega

Besides being a notable and excellent actor, John is very much pro-people of any underprivileged space. The British-Nigerian actor is best known for his character Finn in the final Stars Wars Trilogy and the movie Attack the Block. John can also be seen in Pacific Rim Uprising, Detroit, The Circle, and the TV show Small Axe.

In 2019, John narrated the African TV series documenting the savannah of the Serengeti. We can see John in the premiere for 892 at the festival. 892 follows Brian, a war veteran who finds himself on the brink of homelessness with no other option but to rob a bank. Yikes, sounds intense.


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