Some of show businesses shrewdest investors: In Detailed

Investing used to be out of reach for ordinary folk, but it has become fair game in recent years. Anyone with knowledge, will, and a little bit of cash.

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Some of showbusinesses shrewdest investors
Showbusinesses Shrewdest Investors

Investing used to be out of reach for ordinary folk, but it has become fair game in recent years. Anyone with knowledge, will, and a little bit of cash can invest in a wide range of companies and ventures, hoping to make a profit. But where to start? How do you pick a good investment, and which celebrities can you look to for motivation?

The best investments

There are many different kinds of investments, and the variety on offer continues to diversify. For example, in 2022, you can invest in companies and startups, stocks and shares, forex, digital assets, funds – the list goes on. You can even invest in digital property in the metaverse – a digital alternate reality where plots of digital land go for millions.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to investing today, and knowing what to invest in can be half the struggle. Thankfully, there is a lot of online information that can help you become a better investor and guide you toward what might be right for your portfolio. Once you get your investment basics right, you can always look for inspiration from others, like your favourite celebrities.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce is known as one of the most prominent musical artists and pop icons of all time. But did you know she is also a shrewd investor? When she played at ride-sharing platform Uber’s corporate event in 2015, she asked to be paid with equity in the firm rather than cash. As a result, when Uber went public, her equity became worth over $9 million, which has increased significantly since.


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But she is not the only keen investor in the family. Husband and rapper Jay-Z is also known for strategic investments that have netted him plenty of profit. While Beyonce is worth around $500 million, he is worth over $1 billion. He has his own champagne brand, launched the TIDAL streaming service, and bought Uber stocks that are now worth over $70 million, much more than his original outlay of $2 million.

Some of showbusinesses shrewdest investors

Jared Leto

As well as being a world-famous singer, musician, and actor, Jared Leto is also a successful investor. Over the years, he has invested in more than 20 companies using the money earned from his artistic endeavours. Some include the US aerospace company Relatively Space, mental health care company Modern Health, and video advertising company Nom.

He has even ventured into setting up his own companies, including Adventures in Wonderland, The Hive, and A Sharp Knife. In addition, he holds other investment stakes in well-known companies, including Slack, Uber, Airbnb, and payments company Stripe. He is reported to be worth over $100 million, due in part to his savvy investments.


Without mentioning Oprah Winfrey, no discussion about wealthy and successful celebrity investors would be complete. The talk show host and businesswoman is said to be worth over $2.8 billion, over a decade since she ended her famous show. One of her most notable investments was in the weight loss company WeightWatchers.

She plowed in over $43 million when shares were $7 each and then cashed in when they reached $101. That left her with a profit of more than $420 million – not bad for such a small investment. The queen of daytime TV also invested in Oatly, Bumble, Hello Sunshine, and Spanx, amongst many others.

What is the right investment will depend very much on your individual circumstances and will be different for everyone. Therefore, always make sure you do your research and remain somewhat within your comfort zone.

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