Believe it or not, but scholarly data says the following: property, where there are obvious signs of smart protection, is three times less likely to experience burglary attempts than a property without such signs. Whether these signs are big bright stickers saying ‘Surveillance’ or just small but conspicuous cameras pointed at gates and pathways, they do their job of deterrence and protection. 

Since they are that efficient, there is a high chance you may need to have them on your property, too. But what else is on the list along with cameras and stickers?

What a home security system includes

1. Sound Alarms 

The most primitive system is the alarm connected to movement sensors. Depending on its settings, it detects either the opening of doors or windows or movement inside the house. Then it sends a signal to the control panel at a security agency and they either alert the police or send their staffers to check what’s going on. Yet, this system can work only when nobody’s home since it will detect each and every family member and go off constantly.

2. CCTV Cameras

More advanced and the most popular security system for most people is a CCTV camera plus storage plus the app for remote monitoring. The biggest advantage of this system is that it can work both inside and outside the house. The cameras overlook the whereabouts of a house and a yard, start recording if movement is detected, and transmit the image right into your smartphone. So whether you are at home or away, you keep track of things that happen at your property and can set an alarm or call the police if you notice something potentially dangerous.

3. Comprehensive Security Systems

It is a full-circle protection tool that encompasses the main control board, sensors placed at windows and doors, security cameras, motion sensors, audio alarms, and warning signs to put on the fence or the house wall outside. Such a system monitors each and every point of entry and potentially vulnerable spaces and informs you and everyone in the neighborhood about the potential intrusion or burglary. The possible drawback of the system is its price since cameras plus alarms plus control board and, possibly, connection to a remote console operator at a local security agency can cost quite a lot.

Security Systems For Home Protection
Security Systems For Home Protection

What security system to choose to get protection for a reasonable price

It depends on the sum you can spend and the security goals you pursue. If you own valuable items like an art collection, coins, antiques, or high-end professional electronics, you need to invest more into security, so a full-circle security system will be required. 


If you don’t own a particularly fancy mansion that can attract the attention of burglars and you do not keep any particularly valuable objects at home, you may go for a good system of CCTV cameras and bright stickers on the gates or doors to warn potential intruders. 

In most cases, such a set of protective and warning equipment deters unwanted visitors effectively.

Any recommendations for a good CCTV camera system?

That’s a good question. If you reside in Australia, we can safely recommend that you visit the company and talk to their team. They are long-standing experts in CCTV camera systems installation and service, so you can take their advice on models and their features as a directive for action. Get the quote, consider how many cameras you need, and order the system of video surveillance that will give you and your dear ones peace of mind and soul.

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