The 24 hour security guard services allows customers to protect their personal property from damage and theft, and houses and apartments from the unauthorized intrusion of unauthorized persons in a high-quality and professional manner. Indeed, today’s statistics confirm the growth of crime in the field of burglaries, thefts and banditry, which means that it is necessary to take care of personal protection and material safety of valuables in a timely manner.

24 hour Security Guard Services

First you need to determine whether you need protection at all. After you have decided on the answer, you should choose what kind of protection you need. There are several options of hired security:

  • Stationary security. It is a person or group of people who will be on a permanent post and in case of any incident, they will be able to protect your enterprise.
  • Security service that comes on call. In this case, armed guards come only in case of a call through a special button or remote control.

Do not forget about the technical complexes as well. Video surveillance involves the installation of cameras around the perimeter of the object of protection for control and surveillance. At the same time, such devices are able not only to transmit an image to the monitor, but also to determine the characteristics of the detected object, monitor its movement and notify the system processor of a possible threat or danger.

What are the advantages of a security company’s service?

The best and most reliable option for protecting an object is a combination of technical and physical protection. This will help you achieve the highest level of security. They provide the advantages as follows:

  • Many years of experience in the field of security and safety;
  • Use of exclusively advanced technical security equipment;
  • Technical service 24/7;
  • Full financial responsibility for each protected object;
  • Entry into the staff of only professional employees with excellent physical training.

Everyone knows that security activities are associated with a risk to the life and health of protected people and the workers themselves, people who have passed a rigorous selection in terms of physical fitness, health, fighting skills and moral stability are hired by security companies. The main requirement for the candidate is not only his physical fitness but also the ability to work in a team, responsibility and communication skills.

The presence of a security guard on the territory scares off intruders because it becomes a signal for them that the object is under reliable protection. This will help protect the territory from petty robbers and hooligans. Physical security will take care of the safety of not only the company’s property but also the people who are on its territory. This cannot be achieved at a sufficient level by any technical means. 


Usually, several employees are sent to protect one object, depending on its size and possible threats. For the effective work of the security service, the actions of the guards are coordinated using walkie-talkies, mobile intercoms and other special means of communication.

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