Roland Emmerich net worth is estimated to be over $250 million dollars. Roland Emmerich earns $30 million salary for each movie he directs. Roland Emmerich is widely known for his science fiction and disaster films and has been called a “master of disaster” within the industry. Roland Emmerich’s films have made more than $3 billion worldwide, including just over $1 billion in the United States, making him the country’s 15th-highest-grossing director of all time.

Roland Emmerich Net Worth

Net Worth$250 Million
Salary$30 Million
Assets$170 Million
Investments$25 Million
Loans & Liabilities$10 Million

Roland Emmerich’s Assets & Investments

Roland Emmerich owns over 11 real estate properties, 7 Cars, 2 Luxury Yachts. Roland Emmerich’s Assets also includes Cash reserves of over $50 Million. Roland Emmerich also owns an investment portfolio of 13 stocks that is valued at $22 Million.

Roland Emmerich Salary per movie

Movie NameSalary
Moonfall$24 Million
Midway$30 Million
White House Down$32 Million
10,000 BC$14 Million
The Day After Tomorrow$6 Million
Independence Day$3 Million

Roland Emmerich Car Collection

Roland Emmerich has recently bought a BMW X6 for $74,000 USD. Roland Emmerich also owns a Audi Q8 that cost him $155,000 USD. A Few other cars owned by Roland Emmerich are listed below.

  • Porsche Macan
  • Tesla Model X
  • Jaguar F-TYPE
  • Land Rover Defender

Roland Emmerich Bio

Roland Emmerich was born in Stuttgart, West Germany, and grew up in the nearby town of Sindelfingen. During his younger days, Roland Emmerich traveled extensively throughout Europe and North America on vacations financed by his father, Hans, the wealthy founder of a garden machinery production company.

In 1985, Roland Emmerich founded Centropolis Film Productions (now Centropolis Entertainment) in partnership with his sister, producer Ute Emmerich, and directed his major film debut, a fantasy feature named Joey.

Later on, Producer Mario Kassar invited Roland Emmerich to come to the United States to direct a futuristic action film entitled Isobar. Roland Emmerich subsequently refused the offer to direct after producers rejected Devlin’s re-write of the script, and the Isobar project was eventually scrapped.


Roland Emmerich next helmed the 1994 science-fiction film Stargate. At the time, it set a record for the highest-grossing opening weekend for a film released in the month of October. Roland Emmerich then directed Independence Day, an alien invasion feature, released in 1996, that became the first film to gross $100 million in less than a week.

Roland Emmerich’s next film, Godzilla, opened in 1998. An extensive advertising and marketing campaign generated significant hype during the months leading up to the film’s release. The film was a box office success but was met with negative reviews from critics and fans.

Taking a short break from science-fiction, Roland Emmerich next directed the American Revolutionary War epic The Patriot (2000). In 2008, Roland Emmerich directed 10,000 BC, a film about the journeys of a prehistoric tribe of mammoth hunters. It was a box office hit, but consistently regarded by professional critics as his worst film, as well as one of the worst films of the year.

Roland Emmerich’s next film, Anonymous, released on 28 October 2011, is based on the premise that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford is the real author of the plays and sonnets of William Shakespeare. In 2011, Sony Pictures had purchased a pitch for Roland Emmerich’s project Singularity, a sci-fi epic about a man composed of nanomachines. Originally planned for a 2013 release, the project has since gone into development hell.

In 2020, it was announced that Roland Emmerich’s next film project would be entitled Moonfall, released in 2022 by Lionsgate. The project is a space disaster film about a mysterious force knocking the moon from its orbit around Earth, sending it on a collision course with the planet.

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