Registering for e-Way Bill Systems | Guide for GST e-Way Registration: There are four stakeholders who have some stake in the movement of the consignment from one place to another and hence on the e-Way Bill. They are suppliers, recipients, transporters and tax officers. The suppliers, recipients and transporters want to see that the consignment moves from source to destination without any hurdles and tax officers want to see that the consignment is accounted by the supplier and recipient. Now check more details for GST e-Way bill Registration.

To achieve, they need to have access to the e-Way Bill system. The provision has been made for them to access the system. The GST registered person can register on the e-way bill and create his user credentials to use the system. GST registered person can be a supplier, recipient or transporter. In case the transporter is small operator and not registered under the GST, then this system provides the mechanism to enrol and create his user credentials to operate on this system.

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Registering for e-Way Bill Systems | Guide for GST e-Way Registration

The registration mechanism for the GST taxpayers for the e-Way Bill system is a simple process. One time GST taxpayer needs to register on this system. To do that the taxpayer needs to have the GSTIN issued under the GST system and mobile number registered with the GST system with him. Once a user enters into the URL address of the E-Way Bill System in his browser, the following screen will be displayed.

Registering and Enrolling for e-Way Bill Systems

On the e-Way Bill portal, a first time GSTIN can register by clicking on the ‘e-way bill Registration’ link. Then the user will be redirected to the ‘e-Way Bill Registration Form’. The registration form is shown below.

Registering and Enrolling for e-Way Bill Systems 2

The user needs to enter his/her GSTIN number and shall click ‘Go’ to submit the request. Once the request is submitted the user will be redirected to the following page.


Registering and Enrolling for e-Way Bill Systems

In the above mentioned form, Applicant name, Trade name, Address and Mobile Number are auto populated. User needs to click on ‘Send OTP’ to get the OTP on the registered mobile. Once OTP is received on the registered mobile number, user needs to enter the OTP and verify the same in the system. After that he/she has to click on ‘verify OTP’ to verify the same and validate.

Next, the user needs to provide his choice of User ID or username, which he/she plans to use to operate his account on this system. Username should be about 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters and can include special characters. A Unique user name should be given by the user, which is not there in the system. Once a request for registration is submitted, the system validates the entered values and pops up the appropriate message if there is any error. Otherwise the username with password is created and registered with e-Way Bill System. The tax payer can use this registered username and password to work on the system.

Tips for Registration

  1. GSTIN number should be in hand.
  2. Registered mobile number should be with the user.
  3. The username should be of at least 8 characters with a combination of alphabets (A-Z/az), numerals (0-9) and special characters (@, #, $, %, &, *, ^) and can’t exceed more than 15 characters.
  4. The password should be of at least 8 characters.
  5. Keep your Username and Password securely.

Enroling by GST un-registered transporters

As explained previously, the transporter, who is un-registered in GST system, cannot register using the previous option. He/she needs to enrol on this system by providing his business details. After authenticating these details, the system generates the 15 characters of Transporter ID and user credentials for him. The enrolment form asks for his PAN details, business type, business place, Aadhar authentication.

For enrolling, the un-registered transporter has to open the e-Way Bill portal and select the ‘Enrolment for Transporters’ option. On selection of the same, the system shows the following screen.

Enroling by GST un-registered transporters

The user has to select the State and enter his legal name as given in his PAN and PAN number. The system user gets it validated by on click of ‘Validate’ button. After that he will enter his business details and contact details. When the click ‘Send OTP’ is clicked, OTP is sent to his mobile. He can enter his choice of username and password. After that he has to give the consent to use Aadhar details and declaration of enrolment. Once he clicks the ‘Submit’ button, the system generates the 15 digits TRANS ID and shows him. This TRANS ID, he can provide to his clients to enter in the e-way bill so as to enable the transporter to enter the vehicle number for movements of goods.

Forgot Password

If the e-Way Bill user forgets his password for his username, he can use this option to get the new one time password through SMS to his mobile. Using this password, he can login and create his new password.

Note- If the entered username and password is wrong for three times continuously then the system freezes the user for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes he/she will be able to enter his credentials.

Forgot User Name

If the user of the e-Way Bill system has forgotten his username, he can use this option to get his user name. On entry of his GSTIN, the system will send the username to his mobile number through SMS.

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