Rajasthan VAT Guide for efile ET or LT Returns Online. Check Quick Guide to e – Filing of ET/LT Returns. rajtax how to file ET Return online or LT Return Online. Recently we provide complete details for Rajasthan VAT Guide for File VAT or CST Returns Online now we provide complete details for efiling of rajtax ET and LT Returns. Now check more details regarding “Rajasthan VAT Guide for efile ET or LT Returns Online” from below….

Rajasthan VAT Guide for efile ET or LT Returns Online

How to file ET or LT e-Returns on CTD Web Portal?

  1. Log on to the web portal of Commercial Taxes Department – http://rajtax.gov.in/
  2. Sign up on the web portal by providing your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or ET/LT Registration number (in case not registered under VAT) and other registration details. Upon successfully signing, logon to the portal using your TIN or ET/LT Registration number
  3. Download the necessary Java Runtime Environment (JRE) component required for functioning of the digital signature system. Use the website link available on the portal for downloading the JRE component. Once the component is downloaded, install it on your computer using the instructions provided on the Java website.
  4. Go to e-services home page and map your digital signature certificate using the icon provided – this is a one time activity. If you change your certificate, un-map the existing certificate and then map new certificate.
  5. For filing of ET/LT returns dealer has to be registered under ET/LT.
  6. If the dealer is already registered under VAT along with ET / LT and has already created his Sign up on web portal, then VAT TIN will be used to file ET/LT e-Returns.
  7. If the dealer is already registered under VAT along with ET / LT and has not created his Sign up on web portal, then VAT TIN will be used to create a sign up on CTD web portal.
  8. If the dealer is not registered under VAT, then only it is required to create a sign up with ET/LT registration Number.
  9. Dealer would need to enter his ET/LT registration number without ‘/’ character to login on CTD Portal
  10. Download the pre-defined template of ETLA-03 and LTH-03 returns available on the web portal and prepare your returns using these formats only. It is mandatory that your returns are prepared in these prescribed formats only to be able to carry out e-filing.
  11. Map the digital signature before signing the ET/LT return; then upload and submit the signed document. If there are any errors, correct them and re-sign and upload.
  12. Once the template is uploaded for ET/LT Return period, acknowledgment receipt will be generated which can then be printed.

What are the Pre-Requisites for electronic returns filing?

  • Have a Computer and Internet Connection at your Office / Home
  • Sign-up on CTD Web Portal using your TIN or ET/LT Registration Number
  • Get a digital signature from any one of the 8 Certifying Agencies authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Govt. of India.

Important Guidelines to prepare the Returns Templates

  1. Special characters like ` ~! $ % ^ * ( ) @ # & ‘ ” { } ; : < > ? / \ + = – _ [ ] and comma are not allowed. Follow the instructions displayed in excel templates.
  2. Maximum field length of Numeric data is up to 16 digits including 2 decimal digits in templates that need to be filled.
  3. Don’t use any separator like “,” or “-“for fields which contains numeric data.
  4. If Numeric fields contain no data then leave it blank or enter 0 in place of entering “-”.
  5. For data fields, enter dates in “DD-MON-YYYY” format in templates that need to be filled.
  6. Your system date format must be in either DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY only.
  7. Do not Use Copy (CTRL+C) / Paste (CTRL+V) command to fill the return sheets, instead use Paste=>Special=>Values.
  8. For further details / assistance on e-filing, refer to the detailed guide-book available on CTD Web Portal – Home Page => Help =>ET/LT Returns.

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