Those who care about their minds and bodies always question what they put into their mouths, especially if it is meant for good and has healing properties. In the medical field, asking questions is one of the most important things you can do if you don’t want to end up worse off than you were before.

4 Common Questions About CBD Oil

This is why we’ve put together this piece of information for consumers who are looking for answers to the much sought-after questions regarding one particular element – Cannabis or CBD (Cannabidiol). Because it comes in so many formats one of the most commonly used ones is the oil.

We look at 10 of the most common questions and give you the simplest answers to all of them, to help you gain a better understanding of this natural hemp plant extract.

Does CBD Oil or Any Other Format, Get You High?

Possibly one of the most asked questions amongst potential users and users is this one. CBD itself does not get you high, whether it is in oil format or cream, capsules, vape, and others. However, if it does contain the element responsible for this, namely the THC, then it will get you high if it is more than 0.3% and you have lots of it at one time.

Not only will it get you high but you also have adverse effects such as nausea, vomiting, tummy ache, and more. The idea behind taking CBD alone is to make you more relaxed and calmer, or happier and in a good mood, if none of these two effects take place, then you need to rethink the brand your using or the strain you are using.

For more information on a good brand that has the purest forms and is ethically grown, you can visit this website for an example. The take-home message here is that you should always be careful who your source or supplier is, as not all manufacturers or sellers will sell you the legit product, even though it may say it is pure. Look out for the lab tested results on their website as one way to check how pure it is. 


Is CBD Oil Legal in Your Country?

This is a vast topic but the simplest answer to this is, it depends on which country you live in. in Europe, the majority of the countries have legalized it however as long as sellers, and suppliers follow the EU Regulations. This means not anyone can grow the plant but only those who are certified to do so.

Countries that can legally grow and sell it need to have a less than 0.2% THC value in their extract, these countries include such as Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, and more can be found on this online list:

Countries that have not yet legalized it include Iceland, Belgium, Austria only if you have a prescription, Bulgaria, Denmark, and others on the link above.

So, some have and some have not, and others only with a prescription are allowed.

4 Common Questions About CBD Oil

How Should You Take CBD Oil?

There are many ways to take Cannabinoid oil, such as putting it inside the water and drinking it or adding it to your meals or salads. However, the best way to take that has been recommended by holistic medical experts, is under the tongue.

Most oils are sold in a bottle with a pipette lid or top. All you have to do is squeeze a little into the pipe, unscrew the pipette and place a few drops underneath your tongue. Check the dosage on the bottle to see how many you should take.

Once you have placed a few drops under your tongue you need to leave it there for a couple of seconds to at least one minute, then swallow it. This is the quickest way for it to get to your system and start working.

Other formats can be taken similarly, like the spray which you spray into your mouth or simply eat a CBD gummy if none of the above solutions are pleasant to you.

How Long It Takes to Work

People often wonder how long this natural compound takes to work, and the simplest answer to this is – it depends on the format. The choice of product you use will significantly alter the time it takes for it to get absorbed into the body and get to work.

For instance, if you smoke it, it gets there the fastest, but if you put those drops under your tongue, it could take between one hour and sometimes 6 hours depending on your specific body type and all the workings going on inside of it.

So, to sum up, the timings, if you are going to vape it or smoke it, which is the purest form of ingesting it in most cases and also known as ‘pre-rolls’, it is the quickest, but capsules and gummies are the slowest and the oil is in-between. These CBD cigarettes are supposed to contain no nicotine them or any other potentially harmful chemicals that normal cigarettes have in them.

There you have it, 4 of the most common questions that those who are contemplating giving it a go, always ask those who are already using it. To sum up, make sure you always buy from an ethical and reliable source and don’t overdo it.

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