Is the Proton X50 worth the hype? The attractive photos of the SUV flying on every social media platform and review sites are worth luring many into buying it. But realistically, the exterior design is not only attractive but artistically crafted to suit every buyer. The sharp creases and curves send its shadows to all passersby making them turn their heads.

Proton X50
Proton X50

Proton X50

Sadly, Proton X50 lacks the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is highly considered by many auto buyers. Its cargo space is limited (330 litres) and thus fit the great campers carrying much luggage. Despite these limitations, Proton X50 bookings hit 27,400 bookings within its first two weeks after launch.

Here are some reasons you should own Proton X50,

Engine Performance Tried and Tested

Incorporating the best technology from Geely and Volvo, Proton X50 engine is powerful and durable to give a long term service. This was proven after 1.9 million kilometres of testing undertaken by elected officials on Malaysian roads. All four Proton X50 variants are equipped with two engine options: 1.5L T and 1.5L TGDi.

After tests, the 1.5 TD engine was rated to be above the average industry standards, which is 10 years. Imagine buying a car whose engine lifespan is 15 years?  This engine can produce 255 Nm of torque and 177 horsepower.

Safety and Security Features

Proton X50 Safety and Security
Proton X50 Safety and Security

Whether it’s protecting the car, pedestrians, the car occupants or the driver, X50 has a safety feature to protect every individual. Equipped with six SRS airbags, every occupant is protected against shock. Besides the Auto Park Assist and 360-degree cameras, this SUV also features a Blind Spot Information System, Intelligent Cruise System, Electronic Stability Control System and Lane Departure Warning.


And to maintain the interior well circulated with fresh air, this 5-seater SUV has auto air conditioning feature, rear air vents and N95 cabin filter.


Proton X50 Connectivity

The world is a buzz with smartphone technology. When you think of connecting a car with your Android or Apple phone, think of Proton X50. Seated in your house, you can remotely start the car engine and tune the air conditioning. Deviating from the normal Infotainment system, this X50 features 10.25-inch infotainment floating touchscreen monitor. With the voice command, you can navigate to any direction, turn on the air conditioner, stream music and read weather updates.

Using the Micro-link, connecting an Android phone or iOS smartphone to any app is as simple as 1-2-3.

Three Drive Modes options

Proton X50 is delivered in three modes: Eco, Normal and Sport modes. With the Sport mode engaged, the front anti-roll bar keeps the SUV more stable. This is coupled by heavier steering, which offers an aggressive driving experience and eases its maneuverability on the tarmac.

Connecting the Normal and Eco modes with the 7-speed DCT transmission system, the 3-cylinder engine provides a smooth and crispy transmission. The mode selected determines the fuel efficiency of the engine at that moment.


There is every reason for you to buy the 2020 Proton X50. Whether it’s the overall exterior design looks, the drivetrain, the comfy interiors or the safety and security systems, this models should top your list of purchases this year.

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