We all have heard about car title loans, but barely anybody knows about motorcycle pawns. A motorcycle pawn is similar to a car title loan where you can keep it as collateral for money. If you have a paid-off bike, you can use it in emergencies to get quick cash.

If you have a motorcycle in your garage, you can use it as collateral to get the much-needed money. Your motorcycle can get you out of financial burdens temporarily and give you a chance to relax. This article is all about motorcycle pawns and how to benefit from them.

Can I Get a Motorcycle Pawn Title?

The first thing that comes to a person’s mind is whether or not they can get a motorcycle pawn title. The great thing is you can get a motorcycle pawn and that too immediately. If you go to the right service provider and have the necessary documents, you will get quick cash without any issues.

You need an official government ID card, an approved license, and motorcycle papers to get your loan approved. After approval, you get the money your bike is worth within an hour or two. However, you should not expect much money for a motorcycle pawn as it is less valuable than a car.

Ways to Pawn a Motorcycle


Now that we know that getting a motorcycle pawn is possible, you should also know about the procedure. This section is an in-depth analysis of the procedure to get money by keeping your motorcycle as collateral. Here you go: 

Get Title for your Motorcycle 

One of the first steps to pawning a motorcycle is getting its title. If you go to a pawn shop or a lender, they will ask for official bike papers to confirm that you are the owner. The lender cannot know if you own the bike without a legitimate title.

Many people lose their vehicle papers, which will ruin their chances of getting a title loan. You can apply to reclaim your asset if you have lost the bike papers once you have the title. You can move ahead with the process.

Get your Bike Serviced 

While most people claim that a dirty bike has nothing to do with its value, you still want to put your best foot forward. A motorcycle in good condition will get you more money than a bike in bad condition. A clean bike can get you a few hundred dollars more.

You can either take your bike for professional service if you can afford or do it at home. Scrub the bike to ensure all the dirt is off and wash it off thoroughly. Make sure the tires are not worn out and are in good condition.

Get Inspection Done 

After you have the title and a clean bike to offer, it is time to get it inspected. If you are experienced and know about bikes, it would be easy for you to inspect them yourself. However, getting professional input to know its genuine worth is essential.

A professional with a constant presence in the vehicle market will be able to tell the current value of your bike. It will also make you aware of your bike’s repairs to get more money. Knowing the motorcycle’s value will also ensure you get a good value against your collateral.

Consider Pawn Loan for your Motorcycle 

No matter how hard things are for you, you wouldn’t want to give up on your motorbike. Hence, getting a pawn for a motorcycle is better than selling it. Quite a few lenders provide loans on a motorcycle without much requirement.

You can ask people for suggestions or do your market research for lenders that don’t require much paperwork. You can apply for a Loan with Premier Title Loans with Bad Credit. They provide good value for money and leverage for easy payback.

Benefits of Motorcycle Pawn Loan 

Sometimes, people go through financial hardships, and the only way to survive seems to be selling assets. However, you don’t have to do so as there are alternative ways of escaping financial hardships. We are going to tell you about the benefits of motorcycle pawn loans. Here are some:

Get Fast Cash Access 

In financial emergencies, we need money faster without much delay. One of the benefits of a motorcycle pawn loan is that you can quickly access the cash. If you have the title for the motorcycle, you can get money within an hour. You don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a buyer or waiting for payment and transfer.

No In-depth Enquiry

An in-depth inquiry is one of the biggest challenges of getting a loan from a financial institute. Most people don’t have the best credit history or all the documents that can hamper their chances of getting a loan.

However, the best part about motorcycle pawn loans is that you don’t need great credit or documents. If you have the title for the motorcycle, your license, and your ID, you will get a loan on the spot. On the other hand, some lenders provide good value for motorcycles to help you get out of financial distress faster.

Confidentiality Protection

If you are worried about your confidentiality and your identity being revealed, it is not the case with motorcycle pawn loans. You can sign a proper confidentiality contract making sure your details are in safer hands. It helps you be at peace when you get the loan. 

Keep Your Assets Intact

The greatest part about getting a pawn on your motorcycle is that you can have it back. You don’t have to sell your assets to get money for a financial emergency. You can keep riding the motorcycle and still get money to deal with issues. It is a win-win situation that is beneficial for most borrowers.

Final Verdict 

If you are considering selling your motorcycle for cash, you should consider getting a pawn loan instead. You don’t have to give up your asset for money or go through an in-depth inquiry. The loan for a motorcycle as collateral will not be much but sufficient to get you out of a financial mess.

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