Organizational Structure of Flipkart, Subsidiaries of Flipkart (All Details)

Organizational Structure of Flipkart

Organizational Structure of Flipkart, The best market in the today’s world is the online shopping market, where the online website holder can get a huge crowd as the people from all over the world are connecting through the internet and want the products to be delivered at their home. Today I will discuss about the e-commerce giant and the most reputed online shopping website “Flipkart”. The structure of the website is being very much complex and needs to be understand in a simplified form. Now you can scroll down below n check more details for “Organizational Structure of Flipkart”

Organizational Structure of Flipkart

There are top five shareholders of the Flipkart, the list is as follows:-

  1. Tiger Global – Holds 29.5% Stake
  2. Accel partners – Holds 11.5% Stake
  3. Binny Bansal – Holds 8.7% Stake
  4. Sachin Bansal – Holds 8.7% Stake
  5. Intervision Services Holdings – Holds 18.4% Stake
  6. Others – Holds 23.2% Stake *

*Others would include the investments by DST Globals, Morgan Stanley, NEA Ventures, Iconiq, and many other big anchor investors.

Flipkart is the company which is incorporated in the year 2011 in Singapore and registered itself with the Singaporean government. Flipkart Pvt Ltd is the main holding and the parent company under which there are many subsidiaries involved.

There are three subsidiaries under Flipkart Pvt Ltd. They are:

  1. Flipkart Marketplace Pvt Ltd
  2. Flipkart Logistics Pvt Ltd
  3. Flipkart Payments Pvt Ltd

Under the above three companies, there are five other companies which have been incorporated in India. They are:

  1. Flipkart Payment Gateway Services Pvt Ltd (Which provides the payment gateway services with the product called payzippy)
  2. Flipkart India Pvt Ltd (Wholesale cash and carry entity)
  3. Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd ( is owned by this company and all the technology related issues is seen by this company)
  4. Digital Media Pvt Ltd (It is a dormant company which doesn’t files its return)
  5. Digital Management Services Pvt Ltd (It is an enterprise which runs

List of all Subsidiaries of Flipkart

  • Myntra
  • PhonePe
  • FK Myntra Holdings Private Limited
  • Mallers, Inc.
  • DSYN Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • eBay India Pvt. Ltd
  • Flipkart Payments Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ugenie, Inc.
  • Jeeves Consumer Services Pvt Ltd
  • AdIQuity Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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Acquisition of

This was the most talked topic in the field of e-commerce platform market where Flipkart acquired for around 2200 crores. shareholders accepted the proposal for the acquisition by the Flipkart but the directors or the owners of named Mukesh Bansal and Ashutosh Lawania have not accepted the share transfer but asked for the cash payment of the same. Others got the stock in the Flipkart parent company in Singapore. According to the external sources, owners got an average consideration of 427 crores in exchange of the ownership of their share holding the

According to the external sources, Mukesh Bansal has again acquired some shares of and now he is eligible for coming in the board meetings and guide the shareholders for the future prospects of the company. He was also elected the Marketing chief in the Flipkart. It is to be noticed that both the companies Flipkart and Myntra are working separately and there is no thing common for the operating of the same as Flipkart sells a huge variety of products while the former ones is only associated with the apparels department.

The biggest investor of – Tiger Global has invested around 700 Million Dollars in the company which is a huge amount which shows a great sign of trust in the company by the angel investors and which is much higher as compared to the investment done by Tiger Global in Facebook and Google.

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