Nursing School Application: With the current pandemic, there’s an ever-increasing demand for nurses. According to a study conducted by the Norwich University, nursing is one of the fastest growing professions, and the demand is projected to rise by 16% per annum. By 2024, there will be approximately 440,000 new jobs for RNs.

Nursing School Application

However, nursing programs are notoriously competitive, and the application process can be a rigorous one. You can expect stringent admission standards at the baccalaureate (BSN) level – and that’s even before the licensure exams. If your dream is to one day become a registered nurse, how can you manage to stand out in a sea of applicants? Below are some qualities nursing schools looks for in a prospective student’s application.

Seek Help

You may already know that getting into a nursing program is no easy task. It’s a challenge that can leave even the strongest students feeling overwhelmed. Given the fact, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

When preparing your application, be sure to use all the resources available that can help boost your chances of success. You may also be required to write an admission essay, which is something you shouldn’t take lightly. If writing isn’t your forte or you simply have no idea what to write, consider getting nursing essay writing help. Who knows, this might just be the solution you need to help you pass with flying colors.

Get Good Grades

To put you at a better pedestal, you must have excellent grades in math and science, with an SAT score of no less than 1000. So the more you’ve focused on math and science courses in high school, the better chances you’ll get at getting that nursing school admission.

Typically, the admissions committee will require a high school diploma or GED (since you’ll be in senior year by the time you prepare your application). For this, you need to at least have taken a science lab and/or biology course, four units in English, and at least two units in Algebra.


Show Your Passion

As a would-be nurse, it’s important to display your motivations for choosing the course. Showing your passion will let the admissions committee know just how committed you are to get into nursing school.

The reasons for wanting to become a nurse may vary and is often personal, but a sincere answer is what’s needed – one that the admissions staff will want to hear when they ask the question, “Why do you want to become a nurse?”

Remember that there’s no right or wrong answer to this question. As long as you show them your true passion and motivation to become a nurse, you’re sure to leave a strong and lasting impression on the admissions staff.

Showcase Your Organizational Skills

To have a successful nursing school application, you must have impeccable organizational skills. Besides presence of mind, being well-organized is important, especially when there are requirements to complete and deadlines to meet. Collect all the required materials for your application, and then organize them in a folder, including other information you may need such as the school’s financial aid, program flyers and brochures, etc.

Additionally, you need to secure several copies of your academic documents, such as:

  • A copy or proof of your SAT and TEAS scores
  • Educational transcripts
  • Copy or proof of completion of all prerequisite courses/subjects

List Down Your Volunteer Experience

Your volunteer experience – especially in hospital- and health-related areas – is a huge plus on your nursing school application. It shows how dedicated you are and that you’ve done your research on what it is to be working in the healthcare setting.

A lot of admissions counselors will want to see these in a prospective student’s application, so make sure to volunteer in different areas of the hospital as early as possible. This way, you can hone your knowledge of the different specialties and learn from as many professional nurses as you can, even before you turn in that application.

Now that you know the ways to become a competitive nursing school applicant, you’re all set to take that one big step to your nursing journey. By following the tips above, you’ll be able to tackle the high demands of a nursing program and meet both your academic and career goals.

Good luck, future nurses!

About the writer: After earning her Master’s Degree in Education, Carol Duke has dedicated her life to becoming a lecturer and school supervisor. While her main focus is on teaching modern ways of learning, she also dedicates her time to freelance writing and blogging. Carol loves hiking and mountain-climbing, and dreams of climbing Mt. Everest one day.

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