When you enter any sites for mystery boxes, one thing that comes to your mind is “It is legit?”, “Do I have a chance to win the item they put and include?”,  “If I win, can I get the items, or will they deliver at home?” or simply, “Can I win in here?”

Themsyterybox.org will give you an answer to all the questions that come to your mind when you want to enter mystery unboxing sites, but there is doubt in your mind. First, when you enter websites, they will ask for your personal information, and they will make sure that it is safe and no one can know but the website alone. Payments can be made through PayPal or any bank accounts you have. The money you can put in your account depends on you, so if you are not really sure and still doubting, you can start at putting just $1, some items cost just a dollar, and by that, you can receive an item.

Why are Mystery Boxes Dangerous?

If you win the prize, they will surely deliver the items door-to-door, without you being hassle going outside, all you have to do is wait for it to your door. You will win at all costs, you will never leave the website empty-handed or sad, but of course, the item you will get depends on how much money you invest, do not expect too much if you are not investing too much. What you give is what you get.

If you are asking if it is a legit or scam, there are reviews from other people and customers, and there are consistent customers because they enjoy and receive lots of items, so they are going back and forth to the website, they are also offering VIPs to customers so they can win more and more. People who receive give are giving reviews of their items. You can see the legitimacy because they also include the photos showing the item they receive when they give thoughts. 

Themysterybox.org is offering all items you want, from shoes, dresses, pieces of jewelry, shoes, Apple Items, and more branded shops you wish to have. All of that categories already have lots of winners and reviews. I think they believe that mystery boxes are dangerous because it is a very addictive site. Who can not be addicted to a place where you can receive prizes you never thought you would get? Who will not return to a site where you can get the best deals with many discounts, promos, and codes with just a tiny amount of money? And it is hazardous that every day there is knocking on your door bringing you the items you get by winning the boxes.

Why? Because every day you had the opportunity to be lucky and receive items you want. The dangerous thing I can see is some websites are just scamming you, so you better know what sites are accurate, themysterybox.org has a lot of reviews, you can also see HypeDrop reviews and they are not selfish to give all the items you want, the joy and fun you deserve.


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