Divorce is not an easy topic for many to talk about. However, it’s something that thousands of Canadians face every year. The emotional stress surrounding a divorce can be enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed and helpless. However, there are professionals out there who want to assist you through this tough time. Read on below to learn how much divorce lawyers make in Canada.

What Divorce Lawyers Charge

The amount that divorce lawyers charge their clients depends largely on whether or not they’re working as part of a firm or as solo practitioners. According to statistics, the average cost of hiring a lawyer for your case ranges from $400-$800 per hour. If your case goes all the way up to trial, costs can skyrocket up to about $3,000 per hour! Divorce is a highly specialized field and requires years of experience which means that divorce lawyers can charge high prices in order to keep their business afloat.

Payment Methods

One of the most common forms of payment for legal fees is through contingency, especially when it comes to divorce cases. Contingency-based fee arrangements allow clients to pay their lawyers after winning the case instead of upfront. This allows the client some flexibility without requiring them to come up with large lump sums of money right at the beginning. A lawyer’s fee under a contingency arrangement typically ranges from fifteen percent (15%) and thirty percent (30%) on top of any amounts recovered for their client – meaning that they only get paid if you do! Some firms offer even better rates than that.

While divorce lawyers are highly trained individuals, they can’t guarantee a positive outcome for any divorce case. This means that if you lose your case, your lawyer will not be able to recover payment for the services provided to you during your proceedings. Although this is unfortunate, it’s nevertheless something potential clients should keep in mind before hiring an attorney.

It can certainly come as a shock just how much these legal professionals charge. Yet the reality of the situation is that they have years of training and experience under their belt – skills that are necessary when dealing with cases regarding family law. While many people dread hearing about divorce or separation, facing one doesn’t have to be intimidating anymore. Thanks to the high skilled lawyers out there who want to assist you, this process can run more smoothly than ever before.

Much Do Divorce Lawyers Make

How to find a divorce lawyer in Canada?

1. Do Research: Before you hire a divorce lawyer, be sure to find out what they can offer and their level of expertise. Ensure that you’re hiring someone who specializes in family law and is familiar with the laws in your province. As well, ask around to see if any of your friends or family members can recommend a good divorce lawyer to you.


2. Make A List: Create a list of 3-4 divorce lawyers that best suit your needs and wants before calling them for an initial consultation. This way, you’ll have time to think things through beforehand while speaking on the phone with prospective lawyers.

3. Ensure Trustworthiness: Your divorce lawyer should make you feel comfortable discussing personal information such as your financial status and goals. Find a lawyer who is upfront about costs and has strong communication skills.

4. What You Need to Know: There are a few things that lawyers usually ask for that you’ll need to hire successfully. Be sure to provide them with your full name, contact information, the issue in question (i.e., child custody), your spouse’s full name, dates of marriage and divorce (if applicable), as well as any other relevant information regarding the case itself. Also, be prepared to answer questions regarding your reasons for seeking legal representation or advice.


How much divorce lawyers make varies depending on where they work and how skilled they are, but the average is anywhere between $400-$3,000 per hour! However, if fees are paid through contingency, your legal costs will vary depending on whether or not you win your trial; if you lose, there won’t be any charges. Overall it’s important to remember that divorce lawyers cost money – however, hiring one is always better than tackling everything alone with no knowledge of the law.

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