Success involves a person’s ability to attain goals, regardless of what those goals are. This concept differs for each person. It can involve various factors, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all idea. For instance, achieving social status in which an individual considers fame can be a type of success. For some, it could be about consistently practicing a healthy lifestyle, continuously providing for their family, or positively impacting society. The list could go on and on.

Everyone definitely, aims to be successful in their lives. It’s a good feeling whenever you can provide solutions to conflicts, whether at home or in your professional life. Most of the time, small everyday successes can even make you feel like a big winner. It makes you enjoy life even more.

You can apply various steps to be successful. To start, you can practice a growth mindset. To do this, you can believe in the importance of your efforts and that life is a continuous learning experience.  

For others, living a minimalist lifestyle is also another path to success. You’ve probably heard of public figures and personalities choosing minimalistic fashion for their clothing and accessories. For instance, minimalistic wallets for EDC (everyday carry) are now gaining popularity because of their simple design and functionality. In effect, people nowadays tend to focus and allot most of their time to more productive and important tasks.


The following article will cover more about minimalism and how it can help you drive toward success.

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a concept that has gained some traction, though it’s been around since long ago. Today, it’s a buzzword in mainstream media, documentaries, and streaming platforms. People also apply such idea in different industries, including food, beauty, fashion, housing, design, technology, etc. 

But what is a minimalistic lifestyle really about? A minimalistic lifestyle involves knowing and focusing on what’s necessary for life. It’s also having the fortitude to eliminate other things that hinder you from completing a task or achieving a goal. In short, it’s more about having more by attaining less.

Though it’s about getting rid of something, it doesn’t imply sacrificing things, thus restricting one’s experience. For one, it’s enjoying and making the most of what’s essential, thus achieving the opposite of such belief.

Ultimately, minimalism can vary for different people. It’s not bound by a set of standards or rules you must meet.

History Of Minimalism

Minimalism became well-known among specific groups of young artists during the 1960s who decided to go against traditional fine art. People also implemented it in architecture, writing, and interior design.

When the 1980s came, more people became part of simple living movements. For instance, after the inauguration of a popular restaurant in Rome, the slow food movement led to protests for people living there. It then became an instrument for other subcultures in areas such as travel and fashion to apply minimalism.

The idea of slowness prefers quality over quantity. This helps in making the most of things. It’s also about being more intentionally acquiring experiences and items at a much slower pace.

Minimalism Is An Integral Part

Why Minimalistic Lifestyle Is An Integral Part Of Success

Minimalism can make you more focused, productive, and strong-willed. One example of achieving these internal qualities through minimalism is spending less time watching television to exercise and read self-help books. 

Likewise, it also enables you to be more physically and mentally healthy. One reason is that you may feel more in control whenever you declutter your home. Avoiding allergies and asthma can also become possible as you can clean the house with lesser items. This translates to achieving success regarding health.

Lastly, you can achieve financial success through this concept. For one, you can maximize your money by having fewer items and spending on only what’s essential. Saving and investing are also possible, leading to more wealth.

Ways To Live Minimally

As stated in early paragraphs, there are some ways to live minimally to achieve inner, health, and financial success. Here are two examples of how to live minimally:

Choose Minimalistic Fashion

Today, some people dress to please other people. Mainly because they want to earn the admiration of others. Thus, they spent on expensive clothes just to attain such an end. 

Yet, if you want to copy the traits of successful people, you should avoid pleasing other people through fancy clothing and extravagant accessories. Those who are successful often know who they are. They don’t spend time thinking of what other people say.

So, if you want to be like these people, you can try to be more minimalistic with your wardrobe. To do this, keep a minimum number of clothes (50 pieces or less). This way, you can be more intentional and decisive about your clothing. 

Focus On Experiences Rather Than Material Things 

Focusing on experiences to achieve success is one way to live minimally. Some appreciate life lessons through traveling and taking classes over buying luxury items. These life lessons can lead you to genuine fulfillment and happiness. 

And when you’re happy, you can gain more energy, focus, retention, and creativity. It’s also possible to obtain higher cognitive function and improved problem-solving ability. This helps you achieve more goals, especially with your career and relationships.

On the practical side, experience is less expensive than being materialistic. Experiences such as going to other countries may seldom happen, forcing you to save more and spend less.

Wrapping Up

People love success for many reasons. They feel like they’re winning and have the solution to their problems. If you want to be successful, one step is to live minimally. Minimalism is not just a trend but a philosophy that can help you succeed in all areas of your life.

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