MCA INC 29 Single E-Form For Company Incorporation. Dear Friend MCA Notified New Single Form for Company Incorporation. MCA New INC 29 Enable Fast Company Registration In India. New Integrated Companies Incorporation Form – INC-29 would be made available for filing w.e.f 1st May 2015. Now you can scroll down below and check complete details regarding MCA INC 29 Single E-Form For Company Incorporation. Details regarding mca new inc 29 single e form for company Formation.

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MCA INC 29 Single E-Form For Company Incorporation

INC-29 will provide following services through a single e-form:

(i) Allotment of Director Identification Number;
(ii) Name of a company; and
(iii) Incorporation of a company.

Narendra Modi government eases incorporation of business, process to take just 1 form starting today

Entrepreneurs keen on setting up new enterprises will be able to incorporate one by filing just one form starting Friday against eight separate forms earlier, as part of the government’s drive to make it easier to do business in the country.


The corporate affairs ministry will from May 1, 2015 have an integrated company incorporation form to make compliance and reporting easier and convenient for corporates.

“Name availability, allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN), company incorporation and commencement of business will now be possible through a single form,” said a senior ministry official who sought anonymity.

The new form, called INC-29, will be available on the MCA website. This is part of the government’s drive to improve India’s ranking on the globally tracked parameter of ease of doing business. This is a priority area for PM Narendra Modi, who has made it a personal mission to improve India’s scores on this parameter. The government wants to reduce the time taken to register a company in India to one day.

The Ease of Doing Business survey captures the ease with which one can open, conduct and close down businesses. The country was ranked 142 among 189 economies by the World Bank in 2015, down two notches from the preceding year. In 2006, when the index was launched, India was ranked 116. On the crucial ‘Starting a Business’ parameter, the country was ranked 158, again down two places from the preceding year. Modi has said he wants India to be at 50th position in two years among countries ranked by the World Bank in its annual Ease of Doing Business survey.

For any further queries or difficulties, help desk facility of the MCA21 portal may be contacted at or at 0124-4832500.

This News Is Provided Based on MCA Notification Issued on 30 April, 2015

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Download MCA Form INC – 29 in PDF Format

Features of MCA INC 29:

  • One Single form for incorporating a company (as against 5 forms viz.DIR-3/INC-1/INC-2 or INC-7 as the case may be,INC-22/DIR-12) which will capture all the required information;
  • Producer companies and New Company(others) are covered;
  • Presently, section 8 Company and Part I (Ch. XXI-registration of Unregistered companies) are out of the scope of this form;
  • Maximum of 3 applicants for allotment of DIN would be permissible under the form;
  • DIN would be processed by the jurisdictional RoC (as against the DIN cell in the existing process);
  • Only ‘Single name’ (as against 6 names) would be allowed;
  • Articles of Association /Memorandum of Association the templates of which are available in the Companies(Amendment) Rules dated 1st May 2015, could be filled, physically signed, scanned and attached to the form;
  • Entire fees including stamp duty becomes payable at the time of filing the form;
  • A composite fee of Rs.2000/- shall become payable for the form;
  • Stamp Duty as applicable shall become payable;
  • Resubmission of the form shall be allowed twice(each time for a maximum period of 15 days as against once in the existing process);
  • The form shall either be approved or rejected within 60 days from the date of its filing.
  • In case stakeholder wants to avail any of these services separately/independently, he may have to use the existing eforms.
  • In case any of the Director has no DIN, then details would be captured and validated while upload of the e-form
  • Upon approval of the e-form, DIN would be generated and sent to the applicant.

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