Max Bupa ReAssure plan: It was such a big relief to hear that Max Bupa has introduced this amazing ReAssure Health Insurance Plan.

COVID-19 was no less than a disaster and the devastation caused by it is enormous. At such a crucial hour, a health plan like ReAssure will be beneficial for many.

Normally, even after taking a Mediclaim policy, we aren’t sure as to how useful it will be. There is always an ambiguity in our mind, that when the actual time for the claim payout arises, will we get the claim or it will be denied to us on some or the other ground like the illness doesn’t classify for the policy, not applicable for xyz hospital, etc.

In our country, either 90% of the population falls in the above criteria of improper or inadequate health insurance or they fall in the category of lack of health insurance at all. In fact, there are people, who are completely unaware of the existence of health insurance policies. It is very important on the part of we, the well-educated class of our country, to guide our kith & kin about what Medical Insurance is, and how is it beneficial to us. Only then, we can think of a healthy society for all.

Max Bupa ReAssure plan

Max Bupa has considered this as their prime & moral responsibility to educate the people about proper & adequate health insurance and to make them tension free regarding the policy settlements if the need arises. All their products are designed in such a way that every customer is adequately covered at any given point in time. Each product benefit has been conceptualized with the intent that there is maximum health security for all.

They also provide cashless facilities, to provide financial stability & avoidance of situations of financial crunch in these tough times. At Max Bupa, their mission is to help customers live healthier and more successful lives by providing expertise as healthcare partners, and we can actually feel the same from their actions.


Max Bupa ReAssure plan
Max Bupa ReAssure plan

The key features of the ReAssure plan are:

Inpatient Care:

Unlike many other Plans who classify the various expenses and release partial amount for the expenses incurred at the time of hospitalization, this Plan doesn’t leave out the miscellaneous expenses like Room Rent, Medical Practitioners’ Fees, Investigative Tests, Medicines, OT Charges, etc. Max Bupa processes the claim as a whole and getting the entire amount becomes so handy. Even Emergency road and Air Ambulance coverage is included in this plan. So, we need not botherabout arranging the funds, instead, we can just focus on the health of our loved ones.

Pre and Post-Hospitalization Expenses:

This seems as the best feature to me. Not just the duration of hospitalization is covered, but even pre and post hospitalization expenses are taken care of by Max Bupa. 60 days prior and 180 days post hospitalization expenses can be claimed. So, people need not worry.

Unlimited Sum Assured provided under the ‘ReAssure’ benefit:

We can claim the amount for policy up to the base sum insured n number of times as well. This is another benefit which saves us in case we are unwell more than once during a policy year.

Safeguard Benefit:

Keeping in mind the COVID 19 situation, ReAssure offers an option of ‘Safeguard Benefit’ which provides coverage for non-payable expenses like Oxygen masks, Conveyance Charges, PPE kits, Gloves, and more, ensuring customers don’t have to incur any out of pocket expenses due to hospitalization. Safeguard benefit also offers inflation protection wherein the base sum insured increases every year on a cumulative basis based on CPI inflation rate. Additionally, it also protects booster benefits with no impact if claims in a year are up to INR 50,000.

Booster benefit:

If no claims are made during the policy year, then the policy amount gets doubled within 2 years. So, we have to pay the same premium, but our sum insured doubles. This is like dream come true! In simple words, this means that in case of no claims in a year, the sum assured will increase by 50% of the basic sum insured.

Other interesting features

  • This plan keeps in mind the day care treatments which also includes dialysis, angiography, and radiotherapy, which are not covered in the most common insurance policies.
  • ReAssure plan also provides benefits such as Organ Donation, AYUSH Treatment and many types of Home care Treatments.
  • The sum insured available is between 3 Lakhs to 1 Crore and can be availed in 2 ways. One way is for individuals, and the second way is for families (Family Floater). Thus, we get an option to choose the sum insured as well as the number of people whom we would like to get covered under the plan.

Discounts & Benefits:

Max Bupa has always been renowned for the discounts & benefits it gives to its regular customers. They give very decent discounts and incentives, to the customers who pay their dues promptly. Some of the specific benefits with this plan are:

  • Family Discounts: 10% discount on premium if 2 or more members are being covered under an individual policy.
  • Standing Instruction discounts: 2.5% discount on renewal premium if standing instruction for auto-debit is provided. In this way, even we are saved from the hazards of missing a premium, plus we get add on benefits.
  • Tenure Discounts:7.5% discount on the premium of the second policy year if we pay for a 2-year policy term, and also an additional 15% discount on the third year’s premium if we choose a 3-year policy term. So, the longer duration we choose, the more tension free and relaxed we are, and not just that, the more discounts we are going to get.

One thing for which we can be sure about is that, in our tough times, this policy will stand by us and will safeguard us. Any unforeseen medical expenditure of any kind, even treatment for COVID–19, which has influenced our lives like anything, will be included in the policy. We will be able to get proper, timely, and expert treatment in case of any kind of illness. So, after taking the ‘ReAssure’ policy, we can rest assured and look forward to a bright and healthy future.

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