Loan Consolidation: Free access to lending programs leads to the fact that citizens who are faced with force majeure become owners of several loans and credits at once. Banks and non-banking institutions offer loans that differ in many features, one of which is the term within which a borrower can pay back the loan. It isn’t the only feature that can vary from company to company. The amount you can borrow as well as the interest rate also varies in different institutions. It’s important to make the choice of a loan seriously because non-repayment of several loans may lead to serious negative consequences.

You may suffer from a tight budget or just forget to make a payment and face an increase in the loan burden. Want to avoid such a perspective? If you want not to spoil your credit score and avoid the problems connected to the late loan payment, consider the procedure of the loan consolidation.

What Is a Loan Consolidation: A Clear Picture of It

Loan consolidation is a complex of measures to combine several loans and credits into one. The ultimate goal of using a credit card consolidation loan is to reduce the burden on the payer. A trusted debt settlement company can offer you low-interest rates; flexible payment requirements; prolongation of maturity; decrease in monthly payments; revision of the terms of the agreement.

You can consolidate debts that have formed as a result of the use of credit cards, consumer loans, or microloans. As a rule, a merger of no more than five existing obligations is allowed. The parties agree on the terms of the new deal individually without involving the original creditors.

Types of Consolidation

There are several ways on how to do this. Check what they are.

  • Secured – implies the availability of collateral. The borrower must provide liquid property as collateral to consolidate the debt. The loan is issued at a low-interest rate. After the imposition of an encumbrance on tangible assets, there is a risk of loss of the pledged property in the event of default on credit obligations.
  • Unsecured – provided without collateral and resembles a consumer loan for any need. Consideration of the application takes more time since the client needs to confirm his/her solvency. Under the updated lending program, the interest rate increases, and the amount disbursed does not exceed the total amount of the combined loans.

How Does Consolidation Take Place?

First of all, you should choose the debt settlement company you can trust. Apply for the consolidation using a sample on the site. You will be asked to share the basic details like your passport details, the full information about all the loans you have, and your contact details to get in touch with you. Don’t surprise if you are asked to tell about the reason why you have taken a decision to consolidate debts.


  • Learn the conditions and fill out an application;
  • Check the application to give the error-free information and submit it;
  • Add all the necessary documents;
  • Wait for the confirmation from the company.

Take into account that there may be differences in the algorithm of actions in different companies. That’s why you need to be careful when reading the terms of getting a consolidation loan.

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