Parents nowadays have many options for enrolling their child in a day boarding school in Delhi. The question is, should you consider sending your child to a boarding school? Going to a boarding school opens many possibilities for a student as it is a step towards independent living. There are several reasons to enrol your child in reputable boarding schools such as Genesis Global School in Delhi. Academics, athletics and a variety of extracurricular activities are just a few of the considerations. But there’s so much more.

Top 4 Lessons your Child Can Learn from a Day Boarding School

If you are looking for a day boarding school in Delhi, you must keep in mind that the early years of a child’s schooling set the foundation for their future. Boarding schools offer countless benefits to students that pay off in the long term.

Let’s look at four lessons that your child can learn by enrolling in a day boarding school in Delhi:

Sense of Community and Personal Growth

Academics are an integral part of schooling , and it is just only a part, not the whole experience of schooling depends on academics. Parents must understand that when their child enters the real world, the life skills that they have learnt will become essential for survival and to become a good human being. Joining a day boarding school in Delhi will provide them the environment needed to understand the need of a community within the school itself. This enables children to learn the importance of social conscience.

Students will make friends for life and will also get the chance to interact with students having similar interests. Being surrounded by people of the same age who understand them can be affirming and encouraging for students.

Day Boarding School

Prioritizing and Learning Independence

Independence is the greatest gift of joining a day boarding school in Delhi. So many parents are hyper-vigilant about their kids and want to remove every obstacle from their path. A day boarding school teaches a child the meaning of being accountable for their own actions. A boarding school is a perfect antidote for students to develop the ability to manage their own lives.


Unlike regular schools, day boarding schools challenge the students to learn communication beyond the four walls of a classroom. With parents not around them for hours, they learn to get out of their shield and allows controlled freedom.

Preparation for Life After School

While the educational experience is necessary to build a portfolio and reputation, life after school is much broader than that. Being away from the support system of their lives, i.e. family, students get used to taking care of themselves. Through social and academic preparation, a day boarding school in Delhi provides a unique environment for students to flourish and succeed in every situation.

Boosts Confidence in a Social Setting

Children need a supportive social environment to open up and become their true selves. Enrolling them in a day boarding school in Delhi is a sure shot way to foster a collaborative and considerate mindset. This is because your child will be spending time and learning with other peers. It lays a foundation for mutual respect, and a student learns to contribute his/her talent and abilities to the community. As a result, it boosts their confidence as they begin to realize their talents.

Prepare Your Child for the Real World

Day boarding schools attract a lot of parents and students these days as they offer a plethora of modern facilities and opportunities. It fosters a close bond that transcends gender, racial and geographical barriers.

Reputable residential schools such as Genesis Global School are equipped with modern infrastructure and presents you child with the option of being a day boarder or a 7-day boarder. They let the students play indoor games, watch television and use the internet all under the constant guidance. So, while choosing a day boarding school in Delhi, make sure to keep your child’s unique personality and needs in mind.


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