Form 16 and Form 16A – All Details & Download Form 16 in Excel Format.  All you should know about form 16. Difference between Form 16 and Form 16A, Hi Friends Find Complete Details of Form 16 and Form 16A like – What’s form 16 ?, What is Form 16A ?, Contents of Form 16?, Contents of Form 16A ? etc. You can find full details or difference between Form 16 and Form 16A. Now you can scroll down below and check complete details regarding “All you should know about Form 16 and Form 16A”

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Form 16 and Form 16A

What’s form 16 ?

Form 16 is a document which is issued by the employer to employee certifying the details of salary one has earned during the year and the amount of TDS deducted.

Form 16 is a proof of income and tax deduced by the employers. It is needed for the purpose of filing returns.

It’s mandatory to file the income tax returns by 31st July of every financial year ,in case of salaried assessees. In order to file the ITR, it is necessary to have the Form 16 document, issued by employer.


Form 16 consists of complete details related to salary paid by the employer of the assessee along with necessary adjustments for income tax.

Form 16 contains the details of tax deducted and the bank where the deducted tax is deposited into the central government account. Generally This certificate is issued at the end of the financial year.

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Parts of form 16 :

1) Part – A :

This part contains details like

1. Name and address of employee

2.Name and address of employer.

3.Details of TAN

4.Details of PAN

5.Details of Employment

6. Details of TDS Deducted

7. Details of bank in which TDS is deposited.

2) Part – B :

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This part contains the information related to employee’s total income and tax like

1.Salary paid

2.Details of income from other heads

3. Deductions allowed

4.Tax payable.

More than One Form :

if you have worked in two different organization in a single year then you have to collect two different Form 16s from the two employers in order to file the IT returns.

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Revised form 16 :

After obtaining the form 16 from the employer assessee has to cross check the figures in the form 16 with the income statement submitted by him to his employer for TDS purpose.

If there are any mistakes like some deductions might not have been considered and some deductions u/s 80 might not be taken into account. In such case one has to consult his employer and and request for Revised form 16 after correcting all the details in the form.

What is Form 16A ?

Form 16A is a document issued certifying that the TDS on payments other than salary has been deducted duly.
This is for other than salary income. Other than salary includes

TDS on rent , TDS on commission , TDS on interest , TDS on professional charges etc.,

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Contents of Form 16A ?

1.Name of the deductor

2.PAN details of Deductor

3.TAN details of Deductor

4.Name and PAN details of deductee.

5. Amount paid

6. TDS deducted

7. Details of bank where deducted tax is deposited.

Download Form 16 in Excel Format and PDF Utility

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