Essential Information To Know About Bitcoin: Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a computer programmer called Satoshi, and his disappearance in 2011 and some speculations about his identity have only added to the mysterious factor of bitcoin. This was the primary reason for the uncertainty in its price over the entire decade, but nobody was accountable with no government backing or oversight.

Essential Information To Know About Bitcoin

But there’s no denying that bitcoin is here to stay, and while most people don’t know much about cryptocurrency, more than half of them believe it will be widely accepted by 2020. Bitcoin is a digital coin that allows people to make payments anonymously and without financial institutions. Its inventor intended to create open, decentralized digital money. Those who want to buy or sell bitcoins can use the collected bitcoins themselves that are stored in the digital wallet. As a result, Bitcoin use has grown since its release.

There are many exciting facts about bitcoins that you might not know before. For example, the very first bitcoin transaction was worth $0. That’s right, nothing. An early bitcoin investor typically earns $100 per day. And you must go through all the under-described points.

The very first bitcoin transaction was worth nothing.

The idea of bitcoins dates back to 2008 and 2009 when the first forum posts appeared on Slashdot, a website to discuss technology and culture. Then, in 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto published his white paper that introduced bitcoin, he declared that transaction fees would be required for all sent transactions and collected by miners. And under the hood of the new electronic currency, he added. He then put this entire description in an image on a P2P file-sharing site such as called Source Code Library.

Later, Nakamoto mined a block of 50 bitcoins, and this was the first time that bitcoins were used for an actual transaction. Satoshi and Hal Finney were involved in the transaction, a computer expert in bitcoin forums. However, this first transaction is not worth much as it happened before bitcoin had any value.

Bitcoin can be bought and sold for fiat currencies on numerous exchanges

The first platform for trading bitcoins was located on an online forum called Bitcointalk that allowed users to exchange bitcoins for fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies such as litecoin, namecoin or Ripple.


Later, in 2010, a new online exchange became one of the first sites for buying and selling bitcoins for fiat currencies. Within several years of its creation, it generated over 70% of all bitcoin transactions.

The smallest unit of a bitcoin is called a bit

The smallest unit of a bitcoin is called a bit, and this is what Satoshi Nakamoto declared in his white paper. Thus, he named this first unit after himself. Hence, it was called The Satoshi. At the time of Nakamoto’s writing, one bitcoin was equivalent to 1/100,000,000 of a dollar, but today it is worth more than 50,710.

An early Bitcoin investor typically earns $100 per day

The first people who took part in the bitcoin discussion board were programmers who wanted to actively build something new and use their programming skills to try out something different that would hopefully transform the world we live in. Among these people were those who first bought bitcoins. But, unfortunately, they bought them when they were worth nothing and kept them safe until today.

Today, if you have a wallet full of bitcoins that you have been holding since 2009, then you are probably worth a few hundred million or maybe even thousands of millions of dollars. According to the Bitcoin Rich List, the most affluent bitcoin addresses contain more than 100,000 each.

Bitcoins can be stored on a digital wallet.

A great variety of wallets are available digitally to help manage and store your bitcoins. Digital wallets are electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, but they also include online services that allow users to store their bitcoins, send and receive them, etc. The advantage of storing your bitcoins in a separate electronic device is that you can carry them anywhere with you and use them at any time.

With the new development of cryptocurrencies, new digital wallet apps that offer many ways to buy and sell bitcoins started to appear.

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