Interview with Rekha Ghevarram Suthar CA IPCC Topper Nov 2016, Read Interview of CA IPCC 1st Ranker Nov 2016 –Rekha Ghevarram Suthar. Read CA IPCC Nov 2016 Toppers Interview. CA IPCC Topper Nov 2016 – Rekha Ghevarram Suthar Interview. Hi Friends Recently CA IPCC Result  for Nov 2016 exams is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CA IPCC Toppers Nov 2016, Meet Rekha Ghevarram Suthar, All India Rank 1 CA IPCC Nov 2016 who hails from Pune. We also Provide Marksheet or Mark Statement of CA IPCC Nov 2016 1st Ranker – Rekha Ghevarram Suthar. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview with Rekha Ghevarram Suthar CA IPCC Topper Nov 2016

Interview with Rekha Ghevarram Suthar CA IPCC Topper Nov 2016

Rekha Ghevarram Suthar – From Pune – First Rank – CA IPCC Nov 2016

Can you describe your feelings at this moment?

I cannot believe it. It’s a great achievement. I am very happy now.

How big is this achievement for you?

Sir, it is very important for me. As coming from a rural background each stage was like an entrance for the next stage. So, if I clear IPCC with good marks, it will give me another higher level of confidence to appear my final. So, it was very important for me to clear IPCC with good marks.

Were you expecting AIR 1?


I wasn’t expecting AIR 1st rank. I was expecting somewhere around rank 36-36 but AIR 1st rank was something quite unexpected for me.

What was your reaction when you got to know that you are AIR 1?

I was in my native place when the result appeared. One of my friends called me and informed that I have secured AIR 1st rank. Initially, I wasn’t able to believe it. But, then, when I cross-checked it with 2-3 more friends, I realized that it is true.

Interview with Rekha Ghevarram Suthar CA IPCC Topper Nov 2016

You didn’t check it by yourself?

The place I am in is completely backward area in Rajasthan and I don’t have internet connection over here and hence was unable to check it by myself.

What was the reaction of your parents and relatives when you shared the news with them?

My grandmother (nani) was very happy when she heard this news. My parents were also very happy. My nani didn’t understand what was actually IPCC and CA all about. But seeing that I secured AIR 1 and seeing me happy, she could understand that it is something very big (smiles).]

Who would you like to thank and who guided you throughout this journey?

I would like to thank my teachers in this regard. Their guidance helped me a lot in this exam. I would also like to thank my parents who had equally put their effort behind me. My dad’s expectation were very high from me and he use to tell me that no, you can secure a rank and you will secure a rank for sure. My mom’s sacrifice is equally worth-mentioning. She used to stay awake beside me, stayed up late-night even though I studied for long hours. So, they all helped me a lot. It’s not that only I worked very hard. A lot of other people helped me in this and without their support it would have not been possible.

Did you face any challenge or problems during this time?

Yes, after the classes got over, during the study-leave, you feel so lonely; it seems as if the entire burden is upon yourself. So, that was the stage which I felt little challenging. So, the 3 months study-leave phase was a bit challenging for me.

How did you cope up with your stress during that time?

Normally, I used to share my feelings and worries or thoughts with my parents when I get stressed. My mother used to give me moral support. She used to tell that focus on your studies, you will get good marks as she had full faith in me. Even, my dad used to say that if you feel stress, just take a short break, don’t stress out yourself so much. So, my dad helped me in that way. Apart from this, I used to go through some inspirational thoughts which kept me motivated.

What was the strategy that you followed in your IPCC journey?

I used to attend my classes regularly and on completion of a lesson, I used to come back home and revised that topic from modules and practice manuals. I used to follow up this process thoroughly. When, I saw my friends, they were not following up this process simultaneously, so I think that’s the thing which helped me a lot because I had a feeling that as soon as the class gets over, I have to work through the module and revise properly, so that I can be prepared when I start my study-leave. That helped me a lot.

When study-leave started for the first 3 months, I started my preparation with Audit. As, it had some part of company law as well, so I started study of law also. After completion of law, I focussed on Accounts. I prepared Accounts and Advanced Accounts simultaneously. I felt it easier to do both the subjects together as there were some portions which were common to both. It took around one month to complete all these 4 subjects with revision and everything nicely. Next, I made it a point that in next 10 days, I will revise everything again. I divided these 4 subjects within this span of 10 days to complete the entire revision. After that I took up ITSM and CAFM and followed up the same procedure. So, within two months the preparation got completed. Then after that, I revised again. After that, I had one month in my hand and within that month, I completed further revision of all the subjects – two times I had revised in the last month. I had divided the revision in 10 days – in 10 days I had one revision and in another 10 days, I had second revision. The last 10 days, I used to go through RTPs and prepare through practice manuals, last year’s papers and my own notes. I had started collecting information from everything. The PM and modules got over within these two and a half months. Then again, I had 10 days in my hand. Within these 10 days, I used to find out RTPs, last year’s RTPs, question papers, what’s new that has been amended. So, this is how I planned the entire schedule.

During the exams, what are the things that one should take care of and some tips of how to attempt the paper?

While writing the papers, one should be very calm. Everyone has the capability to attempt the papers. When one gets stressed during that time, one is not in a position to think properly. So, while attempting the papers, be very calm. It will help you a lot.

The first paper was Accounts, so one day before the exam, I had a schedule that in morning, first I had to prepare for Accounts and after that when I did revision, I checked on what are the mistakes and the points that I had to improvise and points that I lagged behind. The next day, I revised all the lessons of Accounts and this is how I followed up the procedure. So before appearing for the paper, we must complete atleast one revision not thoroughly but if you have your notes collected, then you can revise through your own notes. I had prepared my own notes for each subject, so I consider that preparing notes for every subject is very important.

How important is self-learning and e-learning being CA is a correspondence course?

According to me, self-learning is the best thing which you can do. Until and unless, you sit down and analyze the lesson from your point of view, you won’t be able to solve that all. The teacher may explain you but until and unless you try to analyze the topic, you won’t be satisfied. So, self-study is very important. I think modules are very good for appearing for exam. The institute is providing the material and as they are the question setters, they know what should be the level of the question. So, modules, RTPs are very helpful. So, one should go through these books. So, I would prefer institute material over anything else.

What are your hobbies and other areas of interests?

I like drawing; even I had appeared for drawing competitions in my school days. I also like singing, cooking and stitching. During my exam leave also I use to cook one meal a day at-least.

What are your plans now for CA Final and articleship?

Now, I have to join a very good firm for articleship as I would have to specialize in some area and I am hoping to secure again AIR 1st Rank in CA final as well. I will take guidance from my guides and mentors as I am not aware of what exactly these Big-4 firms are. So, in this regard, I would be taking suggestions from my mentors on where can I join and also can manage everything else alongside.

Wonderful! Thanks Rekha Ghevarram Suthar and with these lovely words we conclude this conversation!!

Thank you. Thank you so much !!

Marksheet of CA IPCC 1st Ranker Rekha Ghevarram Suthar Nov 2016

Marksheet of CA IPCC 1st Rankers Rekha Ghevarram Suthar Nov 2016

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