Interview with Gunjan Garg CA IPCC Topper May 2015, Read Interview of CA IPCC 2nd Ranker May 2015 – Gunjan Garg. Read CA IPCC  May 2015 Toppers Interview. CA IPCC Topper May 2015 – Gunjan Garg Interview. Hi Friends Recently CA IPCC Result  for May 2015 exams is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CA IPCC Toppers May 2015. We also Provide Marksheet or Mark Statement of CA IPCC May 2015 2nd Ranker – Gunjan Garg. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview with Gunjan Garg CA IPCC Topper May 2015

Interview with Gunjan Garg CA IPCC Topper May 2015

Gunjan Garg – From Jaipur – Second Rank – CA IPCC May 2015

Can you describe your feeling at this moment?

I can’t express my feelings at this moment. I am feeling on top of the world. I am very happy to see my parents proud of me.

What was your first reaction when you heard the news that you are the AIR 2nd rank and what was your parent’s reaction when they heard the big news from you?

When I heard about it, I couldn’t believe it. I have never expected a second rank. My parents were so happy. They said that you did it and hugged me and blessed me. I could see their dazzling eyes and big smile.

What was the most emotional moment at that time?


The most emotional moment was when my grandmother hugged me tightly on hearing this news.

AIR 1st rank is also from your city do you know her and if yes, was it competitive?

No, not at all. In fact, She is my friend and we both studied together. There was no competition. We shared everything study related with each other – Something which I knew, I shared it with everybody, something they knew, they shared it. So, there was no such competitive feeling at all and everyone was very supportive to each other. That competitive feeling never came to our mind and we were good friends.

So, were you expecting a rank?

Yaa, I was expecting a rank but it wasn’t in top 20.

What did you do to cope up with the pressure which you had?

Actually, we friends have great bonding so if anyone will feel pressurised the other one will help to redeem that pressure and talk it out. Whenever I felt pressure I use to call my family or friends to speak to them for a while and get guidance. And they used to keep motivating me by saying that you have scored well in CPT you got a 4th rank in CPT so you can do it again and would do fine. So, there was also motivation from my institute. So, it was not so difficult.Also, It’s just that the pressure or the praise from friends kept pushing and encouraging me. It never made me down. I will also keep pushing myself by believing that I can do it. It’s really important to have that faith in yourself. So, feel good and work hard. Pressure and stress would always be there in life and if you stay positive you can handle the stress.

Very True! So, who guided you in this whole journey? Any special mention whom you would like to thank?

I have 2-3 persons in family whom I would like to thank. First of all, my aunt (My dad’s sister) and my friend Aviral and among teachers- RC Sharma Sir.

Can you share your strategy which you followed before the exam and during the exams? How did you prepare?

After CPT results, from July till December, we attended some sessions of lectures and I just use to revise the same at home and by December with this bit-by-bit study I completed (say) 30% of the syllabus, I learnt till December for each subject in pieces. Then from January onwards, from January till April, it was tight 14 hours schedule for me, from morning till night and I use to sit for 1 subject at a stretch, use to complete it, then revised it up and then moved to pick on the next subject. This way I did the whole 100% course in 2 months i.e. by Feb end. Then again, I took the full course, revised it up and again 100% revision was done by March end and from one more revision I did in April. And finally the 4th time I revised the whole syllabus before and during the exams.

What is the most important thing that one should keep in mind during the exams?

The most important thing is the time management because the papers are bit lengthy. You run out of time. The important thing is that when you attempt one question, just check out the time. If it takes half an hour, then it’s ok, if it’s more than half an hour, you should do the next question, keeping in mind that you have to compensate the time because you have 3 hours and you have 6 questions. So, you should see that you give each question, half an hour only. This way you can complete your whole paper with a balanced approach.

What is your strategy for articleship and CA Final?

I want to do Articleship in a good firm. And I would just try to do well in CA final as well.

I hope that you have big plans to celebrate. What would be your message to your fellow students?

Work hard and congratulations to those who have cleared and who couldn’t clear to them I would say- Don’t be sad for your failure. Just keep trying. CA gives you unlimited attempts. So, you just don’t stop. Keep moving.

Wonderful! Thanks Gunjan and with these lovely words we conclude this conversation!!

Thank you. Thank you so much !!

IPCC May 2015 Second Ranker Gunjan Garg marksheet

CA IPCC May 2015 Topper Gunjan Garg Marksheet

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