Interview of Sachin Goel – CS Executive 1st Ranker Dec 2016. Interview with CS Executive Topper Dec 2016. Read Interview of CS Executive 1st Ranker Dec 2016 – Sachin Goel. Here we provide CS Executive Dec 2016 Toppers Interview. CS Executive Topper Dec 2016 Sachin Goel Interview taken by Team . Hi Friends Recently CS Executive Result is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CS Executive Toppers Dec 2016. We also Provide Marksheet or Marks Statement of CS Executive Dec 2016 1st Ranker – Sachin Goel. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview of Sachin Goel – CS Executive 1st Ranker Dec 2016.

Interview of Sachin Goel – CS Executive 1st Ranker Dec 2016

Interview of Sachin Goel CS Executive 1st Ranker Dec 2016

Q 1. Hello Sachin Goel, first of all we would like to congratulate you on becoming the 1st rank holder in CS Executive Dec 2016 Exams. 

Thank You!

Q 2. how are you feeling now?

I don’t think there are words to describe this position. It is a great feeling when everyone pampers you. Today, I felt that I was the star of the day for the whole world.

Q 3. What was your first reaction as soon as you got to know that you have secured 1st rank ?


Actually, It was my friend who informed me that I have got the rank, and that too the first one. The words which I uttered can’t be publicized :D. But when I myself checked the merit list, I was not able to believe my own eyes. It was an unexpected situation.

Q 4. Did you inform your parents on phone?

My father was by my side when I checked the result. He was extremely delighted and he straightaway dialed the phone to my Mom.

Q 5 . In this whole journey, who inspired you and whom would you like to thank and make a special mention?

I would like to give credit to my parents and my younger brother who always stayed positive at crucial times and let me make my achievement a reality. I would also like to thank the institute and my teachers for providing such influential material and updated me on regular intervals.

Q 6. And who helped you in your studies whom you look forward to.

My teachers helped me to get to the crust of each and every topic and made the challenging job pretty easier. Coaching complemented with self-study made me ready to do the best at my exams.

Q 7. Do you Site, How Help you?

Yeah, definitely. guided me like a ship in the vast ocean. Various articles posted on website provided me the food for thought and enhanced my knowledge.

Q  8. What was your study pattern / strategy that you followed for CS Executive that you would like to share with your fellow members?

Although, everyone has his own study schedule, but for me, I am an early bird. I think having a study plan in mind and executing it well always lead to victory.

So, Planning + Impementation = 100% Success is my Mantra or strategy.

Q 9. What are your future plans now after the CS Executive?

I am looking forward towards my articleship and would go for CS Professional simultaneously. I see myself as a shining CA and CS in future.

Q 10. You might have seen stress among your peers and friends. So, what did you do to cope up with that stress?

This course is not tough but the volume of content it offers to study is quite appreciable. So, I never got distressed by the level of preparation of my friends and kept faith in myself. I kept in mind that “I can, I will and nobody can stop me”.

Q 11 . What would be your message for your juniors and your fellow members?

The only suggestion to all my friends is to stay confident as none is a born topper. The only difference is of the perception. “Winners don’t do different things, they do same things differently”

CS Executive Topper Dec 2016 Sachin Goel Marksheet

Roll Number : 213452
Module- I –    Result : PASS
Subject Marks
Company Law 68
Cost and Management Accounting 89
Economic and Commercial Laws 61
Tax Laws and Practice 80
Total 298
Module – II –     Result:PASS
Subject Marks
Company Accounts and Auditing Practices 70
Capital Markets and Securities Laws 63
Industrial, Labour and General Laws 79
Total 212
Grand Total : 510
Module- I –    Result : PASSSubjectMarksCompany Law68Cost and Management Accounting89Economic and Commercial Laws61Tax Laws and Practice80Total298Module – II –     Result:PASSSubjectMarksCompany Accounts and Auditing Practices70Capital Markets and Securities Laws63Industrial, Labour and General Laws79Total212Grand Total : 510
Module- I –    Result : PASS
Company Law68
Cost and Management Accounting89
Economic and Commercial Laws61
Tax Laws and Practice80
Module – II –     Result:PASS
Company Accounts and Auditing Practices70
Capital Markets and Securities Laws63
Industrial, Labour and General Laws79
Grand Total : 510

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