Interview of Rishabh Hada – CS Executive 1st Ranker June 2016. CS Executive Topper June 2016. Read Interview of CS Executive 1st Ranker June 2016 – Rishabh Hada. Read CS Executive June 2016 Toppers Interview. CS Executive Topper June 2016 Rishabh Hada Interview taken by Team . Hi Friends Recently CS Executive Result is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CS Executive Toppers June 2016. We also Provide Marksheet or Marks Statement of CS Executive June 2016 1st Ranker – Rishabh Hada. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview of Rishabh Hada – CS Executive 1st Ranker June 2016.

Interview of Rishabh Hada – CS Executive 1st Ranker June 2016

Interview of Rishabh Hada CS Executive 1st Ranker June 2016

Q 1. Hello Rishabh Hada, first of all we would like to congratulate you on becoming the 1st rank holder in CS Executive.

Thank You!

Q 2. how are you feeling now?

Its an amazing feeling. Way beyond what I had hoped.

Q 3. What was your first reaction as soon as you got to know that you have secured 1st rank ?


Initially I could not believe what had happened. It took some time to sink in.

Q 4. Did you inform your parents on phone?

Yes. I called them up immediately. They were awestruck by the results. There was a feeling of fulfilment having made them proud.

Q 5 . In this whole journey, who inspired you and whom would you like to thank and make a special mention?

My parents have been my guiding light throughout my journey. They have inspired me whenever I felt low. I owe my entire success to them.

Q 6. And who helped you in your studies whom you look forward to.

I have been extremely lucky to have a brilliant friend circle, all of whom are pursuing similar professional courses. Our combined studies and constant discussions helped to develop a comprehensive understanding of the topics.

My colleagues in office were also always available in need.

Q 7. Do you Site, How Help you?

There is a plethora of informative articles on various topics on the site. Whenever I searched for a particular topic, I was invariably directed to an article on the website. These have definitely helped me to resolve my doubts.

Further, the current news section is very relevant and helpful.

Q  8. What was your study pattern / strategy that you followed for CS CS Executive that you would like to share with your fellow members?

I started preparing early, so that I would have enough time for revision. Mere one reading is never sufficient to clear these exams.

I also prepared short notes on complex topics for a ready reckoner in later stages. This helped to save time during revision.

Q 09. You might have seen stress among your peers and friends. So, what did you do to cope up with that stress?

Seeing stress among friends builds up stress within self.

One way of avoiding stress is not to compromise on sleep, especially when exams are near.

Also, taking short breaks is essential. Long hours of continuous study is unproductive.

Knowing how to play a musical instrument also is a big stress buster.

Q 10 . What would be your message for your juniors and your fellow members?

Proper planning is the key to crack the exams. It is not difficult, if we break the topics in manageable sections.

Lastly, procrastination is slow death. If we try not to be casual early on, we have a better chance to come out ahead in the examinations.

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Marksheet of CS Executive 1st Ranker Rishabh Hada June 2016

Roll Number : 762638
Module- I –    Result : PASS
Subject Marks
Company Law 60
Cost and Management Accounting 89
Economic and Commercial Laws 72
Tax Laws and Practice 83
Total 304
Module – II –     Result:PASS
Subject Marks
Company Accounts and Auditing Practices 73
Capital Markets and Securities Laws 68
Industrial, Labour and General Laws 75
Total 216
Grand Total : 520
Module- I –    Result : PASSSubjectMarksCompany Law60Cost and Management Accounting89Economic and Commercial Laws72Tax Laws and Practice83Total304Module – II –     Result:PASSSubjectMarksCompany Accounts and Auditing Practices73Capital Markets and Securities Laws68Industrial, Labour and General Laws75Total216Grand Total : 520
Module- I –    Result : PASS
Company Law60
Cost and Management Accounting89
Economic and Commercial Laws72
Tax Laws and Practice83
Module – II –     Result:PASS
Company Accounts and Auditing Practices73
Capital Markets and Securities Laws68
Industrial, Labour and General Laws75
Grand Total : 520

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