Interview of Ashwani Garg – CS Executive 2nd Ranker Dec 2016. Interview with CS Executive Topper Dec 2016. Read Interview of CS Executive 2nd Ranker Dec 2016 – Ashwani Garg. Here we provide CS Executive Dec 2016 Toppers Interview. CS Executive Topper Dec 2016 Ashwani Garg Interview taken by Team . Hi Friends Recently CS Executive Result is Declared and here we are providing Interviews of CS Executive Toppers Dec 2016. We also Provide Marksheet or Marks Statement of CS Executive Dec 2016 2nd Ranker – Ashwani Garg. Now you can scroll down below and Check Interview of Ashwani Garg – CS Executive 2nd Ranker Dec 2016.

Interview of Ashwani Garg – CS Executive 2nd Ranker Dec 2016Interview of Ashwani Garg CS Executive 2nd Ranker Dec 2016

Q 1. Hello Ashwani Garg, first of all we would like to congratulate you on becoming the 2nd rank holder in CS Executive Dec 2016 Exams.

Ans. Thank you!

Q 2. How are you feeling now?

Ans. Well there are no words to describe this feeling. Everyone comes & wishes you. You get a lot of gifts. People treat you like a star. It feels like you are on the top of the world.

Q 3. What was your first reaction as soon as you got to know that you have secured 2nd rank ?


Ans. Well firstly I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was stunned for a moment because even after putting all your efforts you cannot be sure about getting a place in top 5. But slowly it sunk in.

Q 4. Did you inform your parents on phone?

Ans. Yes that was my first act after seeing my result. I informed both my parents & they were extremely delighted.

Q 5. In this whole journey, who inspired you and whom would you like to thank and make a special mention?

Ans. I dedicate my success to my parents who always kept faith in me in hard times & motivated me to perform better. I would also like to thank my teachers who made me capable of achieving what I have today.

Q 6. And who helped you in your studies whom you look forward to.

My teachers & friends helped me a lot in my preparation.

Our environment plays a crucial role in your studying & understanding things. They provide you with valuable inputs to further improve your shortcomings. A healthy competition among friends helps a lot.

Q 7. Do you Site, How Help you?

Yes, the website helped me a lot in my preparation. The notes on various subjects, past year papers, articles, current news, these are all very helpful in your preparations & keeping yourself updated.

Q  8. What was your study pattern / strategy that you followed for CS Executive that you would like to share with your fellow members?

Ans. Everyone has his own style of studying. In my case I did not have a rigid schedule but a mix of two theory & one practical subjects in a day is very effective. You do not get bored & are also able to study with more concentration. Do not study for more than 1 hour at a stretch. Take a 5-10 minutes break then again start studying.

Q 09. You might have seen stress among your peers and friends. So, what did you do to cope up with that stress?

Ans. There are times when you get stressed a lot. But nothing can be achieved by taking stress. It only harms your performance as you tend to forget even what you have studied. So whatever the situation be, have faith in yourself & don’t get stressed.

Q 10. What would be your message for your juniors and your fellow members?

Ans. I only wish to say that our aim should be to understand the concepts & its application in the real world. Cracking exam is not difficult but your job & future career prospects depends on your real knowledge.

All the best!

CS Executive Topper Dec 2016 Ashwani Garg Marksheet

Roll Number : 213427
Module- I –    Result : PASS
Subject Marks
Company Law 70
Cost and Management Accounting 88
Economic and Commercial Laws 57
Tax Laws and Practice 81
Total 296
Module – II –     Result:PASS
Subject Marks
Company Accounts and Auditing Practices 75
Capital Markets and Securities Laws 58
Industrial, Labour and General Laws 79
Total 212
Grand Total : 508
Module- I –    Result : PASSSubjectMarksCompany Law70Cost and Management Accounting88Economic and Commercial Laws57Tax Laws and Practice81Total296Module – II –     Result:PASSSubjectMarksCompany Accounts and Auditing Practices75Capital Markets and Securities Laws58Industrial, Labour and General Laws79Total212Grand Total : 508
Module- I –    Result : PASS
Company Law70
Cost and Management Accounting88
Economic and Commercial Laws57
Tax Laws and Practice81
Module – II –     Result:PASS
Company Accounts and Auditing Practices75
Capital Markets and Securities Laws58
Industrial, Labour and General Laws79
Grand Total : 508

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