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Income from Salaries – Charging Section and Allowances

What is Salary

The meaning of the term ‘salary’ for purposes of income tax is much wider than what is normally understood. Every payment made by an employer to his employee for service rendered would be chargeable to tax as income from salaries. The term ‘salary’ for the purposes of Income-tax Act, 1961 will include both monetary payments (e.g. basic salary, bonus, commission, allowances etc.) as well as non-monetary facilities (e.g. housing accommodation, medical facility, interest free loans etc).

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Basis of Charge (Sec.15)

  • Income from salary chargeable to tax on due basis or receipt basis whichever occurs earlier. In other words salary due in a financial year is taxable, even if it is not received and salary received in a financial year is taxable, even if it not due.
  • There should be existence of employee relationship and nexus between payment and employment.

What is included in Salary (Sec.17?)

There are four components of salary income:-

  1. Salary proper
  2. Allowances
  3. Perquisites
  4. Profit in lieu of salary


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  • Wages
  • Any annuity or pension:
  • Any gratuity
  • Any fees, commissions, perquisites or profit in lieu of salary.
  • Any advance salary
  • Encashment of leave

The following allowances are exempt to the extent they are spent for the specified purpose. If they are not spent for the specified purpose, then the unspent amount will be taxable.

AllowanceConditions for exemption
Travelling allowance/Transferred allowanceTo meet the cost of travel on tour or on transfer of duty
Daily allowance during travelTo meet ordinary daily charges incurred on account of absence from his normal place of duty
Conveyance allowanceTo meet the expenses of conveyance in performance of official duties
Helper allowanceHelper is engaged for official work
Academic and research allowanceFor encouraging academic research pursuits
Uniform allowanceOn the purchase and maintenance of uniform for official purpose

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The following allowances are exempt to the extent of the limit specified i.e. exemption does not depend on expenditure.

AllowanceExtent of exemption
Children Education allowanceRs.100/- per month per child upto a maximum of two children
Hostel Expenditure allowancesRs.300/- per month per child up to a maximum of two children.
Tribal Area AllowanceRs.200 p.m. exempt
Transport allowance granted to an employee to meet his expenditure for the purpose of commuting between the place of his residence and the place of his dutyIt is exempt up to Rs.800 per month (Rs.1,600 per month in the case of an employee who is blind or orthopedically handicapped
Allowance for transport employees to meet personal expenditure during his duty, provided he is not in receipt of daily allowanceLower of :-

(a)    70% of such allowance or

(b)   Rs.10,000 per month

House Rent Allowance [Sec. 10 (13A)]

Exempted from tax to the extent of the least of the following:

  1. 50% of salary in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai or 40% of salary in other cases.
  2. House rent allowance; or
  3. The excess of rent paid over 10% of salary (rent paid less 10% of salary)

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Entertainment Allowance

In case of Government employees, least of the following is exempt from tax:

  • 5,000/-
  • 20% of Salary or
  • Entertainment allowance actually received

For entertainment allowance, salary means basic salary; it excludes all benefits and allowances.

From AY 2002 -03, for non – government employees, entertainment allowance deduction will not be available.

Other exemptions

Nature of beneficial allowance perquisiteAmount of exemption
(i) Compensation on voluntary retirementActual amount or Rs.5,00,000 whichever is less
(ii) Travelling allowance, Daily allowance, Conveyance allowance, Helper allowance,  Academic allowance and Uniform allowanceThese allowances shall be exempt to the extent of minimum as following:

(1) Actual allowance received.

(2) Actual amount spent for the purposes of duties of other employment.

(iii) Children education allowanceRs.100 p.m. per child for a maximum of 2 children
(iv) Hostel expenditure allowanceRs.300 p.m. per child for a maximum of 2 children
(v) Special compensatory (Tribal area/Schedule area/Agency area) allowanceRs.200 p.m.
(vi) Special compensatory hilly areas allowance or high altitude allowance, etc.Exemption varies from Rs.300 p.m. to Rs.7,000 p.m.
(vii) Border area, remote area, disturbed area allowance etc.Exemption various from Rs.200 p.m. to Rs.1,300 p.m.
(viii) Compensatory field area allowanceRs.2,600 p.m.
(ix) Compensatory modified field area allowanceRs.1,000 p.m.
(x) Counter insurgency allowanceRs.3,900 p.m.
(xi) Transport allowanceRs.800 p.m. but for handicapped employees Rs.1600 p.m.
(xii) Allowance to transport employees70% of the allowance, maximum Rs.10,000 p.m.
(xiii) Underground allowanceRs.800 p.m.
(xiv) Medical reimbursementUp to Rs.15,000, but if treatment is done in a Government Hospital or it treatment for specified ailment or disease in an approved hospital fully exempt
(xv) Medical facility in a hospital etc. maintained by employerFully exempt for employee & family members.
(xvi) Medical treatment outside IndiaMedical treatment and stay of patient with one attendant. Tax free to the extent of foreign exchange released by RBI. Travel of patient with one attendant tax free. If the gross total income excluding this benefit does not exceed Rs.2,00,000
(xvii)   L.T.CMaximum of 2 journeys in a block of 4 years by air/first class air conditioned travel by shortest distance

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