Buying a motorcycle, especially for the first time, is both an exciting and overwhelming experience for most people. There is a sense of exhaustion from the decision and payment process, but that is usually overcome by the excitement of owning a brand new motorcycle.

Guide of What To Do Right After You Buy A Motorcycle | Chola MS

But, buying a bike is only the first step. There are some essential steps you need to complete before you can truly enjoy your bike experience. 

Here’s a 4-step guide on what to do after you buy your bike:


Right after purchasing a bike, the first step that needs to be done is getting a new bike insurance that is suitable to your needs. Bike insurance is not just a smart decision for your financial future but also mandatory to purchase as per the government. It’s recommended to research extensively and look at important factors like the sum assured, premium, and duration of the policy before selecting your plan. Online two-wheeler-insurance

 is a popular method to buy insurance currently and a good way to compare different policies for yourself. Your bike dealer is also likely to have a tie-up and may recommend an insurer. If so, be aware of what you want and make a wise decision.


Warranty is mandatory and is provided at the time of purchase by the manufacturer. All warranty schemes vary and thus, it’s essential to discuss that at the time of purchase. A two-wheeler bike usually gets a warranty for one to two years depending on the usage.


Bike accessories are mostly seen as an additional expense just to beautify the back but there are multiple bike accessories available that also help in keeping the bike safe. Headlight covers, radiator covers, and tank covers are the basic accessories given to bike owners. However, the provision of accessories especially to modify the appearance, etc. varies and therefore one must check at the time of purchase.


First Service

Servicing a bike on a regular basis is extremely important for its smooth running. Within the first 30 days of the purchase, the bike needs to be serviced and if you’re a first-time bike owner you can get the servicing details from the showroom itself. Most of the time you are provided with a free first service. Servicing generally includes cleaning air-filter, oil check, checking the tire pressure to make sure the bike is in good condition.

These are the four essential steps that you will need to follow to make your bike ownership a stress-free experience.

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