GST FAQ’s in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Assamese, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali & Odia Language. CBEC Release GST FAQ’s in Various Regional Languages. CBEC Release GST FAQ in 11 Regional Languages. Currently CBEC Released GST FAQ in 7 Languages and try to release in other languages very soon. You may download All FAQ’s on GST in various indian Languages from below download links. Download Goods and Service Tax FAQ’s in All Indian Regional Languages.

Download GST FAQ on various indian Languages like – FAQs on GST in Assamese, FAQs on GST in Gujarati, FAQs on GST in Hindi, FAQs on GST in Kannada, FAQs on GST in Malayalam, FAQs on GST in Punjabi, FAQs on GST in Telugu, FAQs on GST in Tamil, FAQs on GST in Marathi, FAQs on GST in Bengali, FAQs on GST in Odia. Now Scroll down below n Download GST FAQ’s in Various Indian Languages…

With the 101st Constitution Amendment Act coming into force on 8th September, 2016 and notification of the GST Council on 15th September – the road to GST rollout is clear. Government is keen on introducing GSTthe biggest indirect tax reform, with effect from 01 April 2017. One of the biggest challenges is to train the indirect tax officials of both Centre and State, as well as the trade on the concepts, processes and procedures of GST

As part of this capacity building exercise, the NACEN has prepared a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) based on inputs gathered while conducting training and interactive sessions, as a training tool for helping the officers as well as public, to get acquainted with the Model GST Law and its nuances. The FAQs have been prepared and reviewed by a team of officials from both Centre and States. I congratulate all the officers who worked in the preparation of this booklet, and NACEN for their efforts

GST FAQ’s 2017 in Various Languages

Indian Regional Language Download link
FAQs on GST in Hindi Download
FAQs on GST in Gujarati Download
FAQs on GST in Telugu Download
FAQs on GST in Punjabi Download
FAQs on GST in Malayalam Download
FAQs on GST in Kannada Download
FAQs on GST in Assamese Download
FAQs on GST in Tamil Download
FAQs on GST in Bengali Download
FAQs on GST in Marathi Download
FAQs on GST in Odia Download

Fourteendraft GST ruleshave been releasedfor public comments which includes Rules on Accounts and Records, Advance Ruling, Appeals & Revision, Assessment and Audit, e-way Bill, GST Invoice, GST Return, GST Registration, GST Payment and GST Refund rules. These rules are expected to be finalised in the next GST Council meeting to be held on 18th-19th May 2017 along with the rates of GST to be levied.

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