Buying gifts for students can be a difficult proposition. They want the latest, greatest, coolest, and hippest things – which you may or may not be up on – and they also want things that are functional and work for their crazy lives. If you have a student that you need a gift for in the near future, here are 6 gifts that every student would LOVE.

Kool8 water bottle

In 2020, students are on the front lines of the climate change crisis. They are the people who are going to inherit all the environmental issues that are going on right now and because of this, students are an incredibly eco-friendly bunch. One of the biggest enemies of climate crusaders is single-use water bottles. That is why reusable water bottles are so popular right now. Getting the student in your life a  Kool8 water bottle is a great gift and one that they will love. It is not only environmentally conscious but also stylish and functional as well. It has a modern, sleek design and multiple color choices. It will also help you keep their beverages hot or cold with its double-walled vacuum insulation. Buying from this company will get your props from your earth-loving student as 20% of their profits go towards delivering clean water to underprivileged regions in the world. 

Twinkle in Time

One of the most important things for students of any age is to be an individual and show their own style. Whether they are decorating their bedroom at home or their dorm room on campus, students will love a unique piece for their wall to express their individuality. One great way to do this is by getting them wall art from Twinkle in Time. This company will create a star map that shows the stars exactly as they appeared at a certain location on a specific date. These are high-quality posters that offer multiple customization options. It is the perfect gift to celebrate your student’s birthday, graduation, or other big events in their young lives. They will love having this distinctive piece that speaks directly about something important in their life.

CBD Oil 

Buying your favorite student CBD oil is not the same thing as buying them weed! But, it will make you almost as cool in their eyes if you do. CBD oil is the hottest trend in health and wellness in 2020 and students will be able to use it for so many different things. Overall, it will give them a higher level of physical and mental health. Depending on the student, they can use it to increase focus while studying, improve their sleep before a big test, or if they have more serious issues, anything from chronic pain to depression, CBD oil will help with that as well. Before you pick up any old CBD oil though, check out this article on Cool Things Chicago about the best CBD oils money can buy. There are a lot of brands on the market and some are not as reputable or high quality as others. Stick to this list and you will be golden. 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Remember the days when the party used to have to be centered around the stereo system? Whether it was a CD player, tape deck, or record player, you needed a bug system in order to deliver great tunes to a party. In 2020, that is no longer true! Students can take the party with them anywhere they go now with portable Bluetooth speakers. There are a lot to choose from and a wide range of price points so you choose the perfect model for your particular student. You may want to look for a waterproof one if they plan on being outside or by the pool. Also, features like the ability to link multiple speakers together through Bluetooth and allowing multiple users to share their playlists are all great options to make these personal speakers a more social gift.

Custom Photo Pillow

What is the last thing young people want to see as they lay their head down to go to bed? Themselves and their friends of course! Let’s be honest, young people love taking pictures. They love looking at those pictures and sharing those pictures for the world to see. With a custom photo pillow, you can take their pictures off their social media account and put them into the real world, right on their bed. This gift will be loved by students and is the perfect complement for any bedroom or dorm room. Nowadays, it is also super easy to create. If you do not already have a treasure trove of precious pictures of your favorite student on your phone, there is sure to be one on Facebook or Instagram that you can pinch from. After you have the pics, you can pick your size, material, and style of the pillow and you are on your way to an amazing gift.


Tickets or Gift Certificates

Young people today have a lot of “stuff’. From personal electronics to all kinds of tchotchkes they pick up as they go through life, many students just do not need more tangible gifts. What students do value more than anything right now though are experiences. They want to go out and do something cool (and share it on social media with their friends, of course). Getting them tickets to a concert or sporting event or a gift certificate to a hip new restaurant is something that any student will be very happy about. It will get them out of their normal routine and give them the opportunity to experience something they may never have before.


Yes, students can be difficult to buy gifts for at times. However, if you hit a home run with your gift to a student, they will more impressed, thrilled, and thankful than almost anyone else. Following this quick guide, you will be able to find the perfect gift for the student in your life and get them something they will absolutely love.


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