Getting Jobs Anywhere In The World: Fastest Growing Jobs in AI

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the fastest growing field in information technology and in the coming decades we are going to see AI impact.

Raju Choudhary

Fastest Growing Jobs in AI
Fastest Growing Jobs In Ai

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly the fastest growing field in information technology and in the coming decades we are going to see AI impact just about every aspect of our way of life. It is for this reason that so many people are looking to educate themselves in AI, so that they can find a career in a new industry which is going to provide them with employment options all over the world. Today we look at why training in this field is a great idea, and what the fastest-growing job roles currently are.

Benefits of AI Education

Should you invest the time in educating yourself around artificial intelligence you are going to provide yourself with a wealth of opportunities for a long-lasting and successful career. Not only this but you will have the chance to work all over the world on this tech, such is its widespread appeal. More importantly those working in this field will find a lot of remote working opportunities, being able to connect with clients online and even get paid from anywhere in the world using an app to send money abroad.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics is at the heart of so many AI projects and this is why LinkedIn cites the role of robotics engineer as being the fastest growing. The analysis performed by the business social network shows that since just 2018 there has been a growth of 40% in the number of job roles for a robotics engineer.

Data Scientist

Data is big business and AI is the tool which is being used and will continue to be used to harvest huge amounts of data for businesses and governments around the world. This is why we have seen a 37% growth in the last 4 years in this job position, and this growth only looks set to continue in the future. Guy Berger, LinkedIn’s principal economist discussed the importance of data with the WSJ when publishing the report, stating:


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The supply of [data] that people can work with is much more plentiful than in the past, and a lot more valuable, and people want to take advantage of it”.

AI Specialist

The role of an AI specialist comprises positions such as AI engineer and machine-learning engineer. This position alone has seen an incredible rate of growth over the past 5 years, with an increase of 74% in job roles available according to the LinkedIn report. Considering the fact that AI global systems spending is expected to hit the $97 billion mark by the end of next year, there is no doubt that this job role is only going to continue its rapid rate of growth.

And so if you are looking to be a part of this emerging area of science and technology then now is the time to focus on upskilling and educating yourself. Positions around AI are very much here to stay which is why it is crucial that more young people invest in safeguarding their future now, through amassing as much knowledge as possible to work in this industry.

Raju Choudhary

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