There are a lot of brokers today, and with such fierce competition, the war of reviews is inevitable: create a bad impression of a rival, pay for the praise yourself… And such dishonest play is visible from afar. Therefore, it is very nice when you meet a broker who does not need to vilify others and artificially create a name for himself. We found such a broker when we studied EXANTE’s reviews – we will tell you what clients of this company write about.

First of all, EXANTE is famous for its wide range of instruments for trading: there are 35 thousand stocks, 7 thousand futures, 6 thousand options, shares in hedge funds and cryptocurrency funds… Visit broker’s website and estimate for yourself what will be available to you, if you become a client of EXANTE. Few brokerages can boast of such a scope. And you can trade all these instruments from a single account.

Of course, one of the main things that worries every client is the question of commissions. At EXANTE, everything is simple and straightforward: for each instrument at each site, there is a specific commission. So, everything depends solely on you. What sets EXANTE apart from many competitors is the fact that you don’t get a situation where you make a deposit and immediately receive a huge pile of information on commissions that you have never heard about before.

EXANTE reviews and reasons why this broker is recommended

As for the deposit – it’s not insignificant, 10,000 euros. But considering that EXANTE focuses on professional clients, this is not a critical issue – especially if you remember how many earning opportunities EXANTE gives you. In addition, the company provides insurance for the funds.

By the way, investors are not worried about giving up such a deposit also because of the regulatory aspect. The fact is that EXANTE has licenses from Cyprus and Malta and several other countries that are more trusted by professionals than the Bank of Russia.

We definitely recommend everyone who is looking for a broker to google “EXANTE reviews“. If it’s not your first day on the Internet, you’ll immediately understand what their real customers write. And the list of pros mentioned there is much wider than in our brief review. If you’re looking for reliability and security of your funds along with plenty of opportunities to earn money, feel free to open an account with EXANTE.


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