Due Date for Payment of Service Tax 2017, Service Tax Return Due Date

Due Date for Payment of Service Tax 2017. What is the due date for payment of service tax?. Service Tax Return Filing Due Date 2017. Service tax Payment Due Date for ay 2017-18. service tax interest rate due date, Procedure for service tax late payment interest Calculation. Due date for payment of service tax pdf, due date for payment of service tax return, Service Tax Due Dates 2017. In this article you may find everything related to Payment of Service Tax like – Due Dates for Payment of Service Tax, Compulsory ECS payment, Exception from POT Rules, Can Service Tax be paid in Advance?, What is the Manner of Payment of service tax?. Next Service Tax Return Filing Due Date is 25th April 2017.

Recently we provide complete details for Service Tax & New ST Tax Rate @ 15% and we also Provide Procedure for Online E- Registration of Service Tax. Now you can scroll down below and check complete details for “Due Date for Payment of Service Tax 2017”

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Due Date for Payment of Service Tax 2017

Service Tax Payment Due Date, Service Tax Return Due Date

Please Note – Due Date for Payment of Service Tax for monthly, Quarterly  or Half Year ending on 31.03.2017 is – 31-03-2017, Please Deposit Tax Before 31st March, 2017. Check Other Months Due Date (Except March Ending) From Below….

As per Rule 6(1) of Service Tax Rules, the service tax shall be paid to the credit of the Central Government before the following due dates

Particulars Company, AOP’s, HUF Individual / Proprietary firm or Partnership firm
Duration Month in which the service is deemed to be provided as per the POT rules Quarter in which the service is deemed to be provided as per the POT rules
Payment by ECS: 6th day of the following month 6th day of the month following the quarter
Payment by any other mode 5th day of the following month 5th day of the month following the quarter
Month / quarter ending march 31st March 31st March Compulsory

Exception: – Service Tax Collected for the month/quarter ending March shall be payable by 31st March of the said calendar year.

Interest on Late Payment of Service Tax

Download Service Tax Interest Calculator in Excel wef 01/03/2016

Download Service Tax Automatic Interest Calculator In Excel

Download Service Tax Calculator for AY 2017-18 in Excel

Interest Rate for Financial Year 2017-18

Conditions Rate of Interest
Service Tax collected but not deposited to the exchequer 24%
Other Cases 15%

If in case the value of taxable services of preceding year does not exceeds Rs. 60 Lakhs, then the rate of interest on late payment will be 12%.

[The above changes will come into effect on the day the Finance Bill receives the assent of the President.]

Due Dates For Filing Service Tax Return

All persons or entities who are liable to pay service tax and file service tax returns, Entities having service tax registration are mandatorily required to file service tax returns. The due date of filing service tax returns for first half of the year is 25th October and 25th April for the second half of the year. check example from below…..

Half yearly Return in Form ST-3

Period Due Date
1st April to 30th September 25th October
1st October to 31st March 25th April

For Example

Period Service Tax Return Due Date
April 17- Sept 17 25th Oct 2017
Oct 16-Mar 17 25th April 2017

Late Fees For Delay In Filing Service Tax Return

If the Service Tax Return is not filed before the due date of filing of Service Tax Return, Late Fee shall be liable to be paid as follows

Delay in Filing of Return after Due Date Late Fees
First 15 days Rs. 500
15-30 days Rs. 1000
More than 30 days Rs. 1000 + Rs. 100 per day beyond 30 days
The Maximum Late Fee payable is Rs. 20,000

Compulsory ECS payment:

Every assessee is required to pay tax electronically. AC or DC of Central Excise may for reasons to be recorded in writing, allow the assessees to deposit the service tax by any mode other than internet banking. (N/N 9/14 w-e-f 1-10-14)

Exception from POT Rules

Individuals and Partnership firms whose aggregate value of taxable services provided from one or more premises is < or = Rs. 50 lakhs in the previous FY: The service provider shall have the option to pay tax in the current financial year on actual receipt basis on value of taxable services provided or agreed to be provided by him up to a total of Rs. 50 lakhs.

[Means payment is to be made with reference to month or quarter in which payment is received and not on the basis of POT rules.]

Can Service Tax be paid in Advance?

As per Rule 6(1A) every person liable to pay service tax, may, on his own volition, pay an amount as service tax in advance, to the credit of the Central Government and adjust the amount so paid against the service tax which he is liable to pay for the subsequent period: In such case the assessee shall,-

(i) intimate the details of the amount of service tax paid in advance, to the jurisdictional Superintendent of Central Excise within a period of 15 days from the date of such payment; and

(ii) indicate the details of the advance payment made, and its adjustment, if any in the subsequent return to be filed under section 70 of the Act.

What is the Manner of Payment of service tax?

As per Rule 6(2), the assessee shall deposit the service tax with the bank designated by CBEC, by using GAR-7challan

If the tax is paid by cheque, date of presentation of cheque to the bank shall be deemed to be the date on which service tax has been paid subject to realization of that cheque

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