Download All New Gujarat Vat Forms – Updated

Download All New Gujarat Vat Forms – Updated. Download Gujarat Commercial Tax Latest Vat Forms. Download All Gujarat VAT Forms In One Click, Here we are providing all the Detail about Gujarat VAT Forms and Gujarat Commercial Department, Download all latest Gujarat Vat Forms from Below download links in PDF Format., Download Form 101 Like Application For VAT Registration, Download form 101A  Like Details of Additional Places of Business, Gujarat Latest VAT Forms for filling  Sales Tax Return, Please Click Here to Below Download link to Download All VAT Forms, All VAT Forms are Available with signal click download Facility, So Now scroll down below and download all VAT Form, Recently we are providing Procedure and Documents Required for VAT Registration In Rajasthan. Now you can scroll down below and ‘Download All New Gujarat Vat Forms”

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Download All New Gujarat Vat Forms

Download All Gujarat VAT Forms In one Click, Please Comment for more Updates

Form Name Description
 Form 101  Application For VAT Registration
 Form 101A  Details of Additional Places of Business
 Form 101B  Address of Branches and Godowns outside Gujarat
 Form 101C  Specimen signature of Authorized person
 Form 101D  Details of Partners / Directors
 Form 101E  Addition information of Business
 Form 101F  Declaration for Registration
 Form 102  Certification of VAT Registration
 Form 103  Application for Cancellation of Registration
 Form 104  Notice for Suspension / Cancellation of Registration
 Form 105  Security under section 28
 Form 106  Declaration/Revised declaration regarding manager of business
 Form 107  Declaration/Revised declaration regarding bank accounts
 Form 108  Statement of goods held in stock (on 31/03/2006)
 Form 201  Monthly return
 Form 201A  List of Sales
 Form 201B  List of Purchases
 Form 201C  Balance of Stock
 Form 202  Quarterly / Annual return for Lump Sum Dealers
 Form 202A  List of Purchases for Lump Sum Dealers
 Form 203  Monthly / Annual return of incentives
 Form 204  Monthly / Annual return of deferment of tax
 Form 205  Annual return
 Form 205A  Addition Information of Business
 Form 206  Application for Permission to file separate return
 Form 207  Challan
 Form 208  Notice for Crossing Threshold of Turnover
 Form 209  Application for Exemption from filing returns
 Form 210  Application for Permission to pay Lump Sum tax
 Form 211  Permission to pay Lump Sum tax
 Form 212  MST Return
 Form 213  Daily Account of MST Commodities
 Form 214  Application for Permission to pay composition for works contract
 Form 215  Permission to pay composition for works contract
 Form 216  Statement for composition of works contract
 Form 301  Notice for Provisional Assessment
 Form 302  Notice for Audit Assessment
 Form 303  Notice for Re-assessment
 Form 304  Assessment Order
 Form 305  Demand Notice
 Form 306  Application for Provisional Refund
 Form 307  Refund / Interest Payment Order
 Form 308  Refund Adjustment Order
 Form 309  Notice for Imposing Penalty
 Form 310  Order for compounding of offences
 Form 401  General notice for seeking information
 Form 402  Movement of goods within / going outside the state
 Form 403  Goods entering into the state from other states
 Form 404  Application for Transit pass
 Form 405  Issue of Transit pass
 Form 501  Application for Appeal
 Form 502  Application for revision
 Form 503  Notice before passing Order in Appeal / Revision
 Form 504  Notice before passing order in rectification
 Form 601  Applciation for enrollment as STP
 Form 602  List of STPs
 Form 603  Authority by Practioner
 Form 604  Authority by a Relative
 Form 701  TDS Exemption Certificate
 Form 702  Statement by the contractor to the sub-contractor
 Form 703  TDS Certificate
 Form 704  Yearly Declaration of contractee

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