Procedure and Documents Required for VAT Registration In Rajasthan. How to Apply For VAT Registration in Rajasthan, Full Procedure for VAT Registration In Rajasthan. We are providing Full Procedure and Guide for Registration of Sales Tax in Rajasthan. Requirement For Vat/Sales Tax Registration In Rajasthan. Procedure For Applying New TIN Registration In Rajasthan and We also Provide Documents Required For New TIN Registration. Commercial Taxes Department Rajasthan, Now you can Scroll Down below and see all Procedure and Documents required for VAT Registration in Rajasthan.

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Documents Required For Vat Registration In Rajasthan

  1. From no. VAT-01 for VAT and From-A for C.S.T.
  2. From no. VAT-02 for declaration of business Manager
  3. Two photographs each of proprietor/Partner’s/ One director signing the paper’s to be Pasted on Affidavit in VAT-01B
  4. Security bond on stamp papers of  Rs. 200/- for VAT no. and Rs. 200/- for C.S.T. no. duly signed by two guarantor’s
  5. PAN  Number
  6. Affidavit on Rs. 10/- Stamp paper in form VAT-01B
  7. Partnership deed in case of partnership firm
  8. Memorandum and Articles of Association in case of a Company
  9. Rent deed or Rent Receipt
  10. Copy of Board Resolution in case of a company
  11. Details of other place of Business
  12. Address proof and electricity bill of business place
  13. Information Regarding bank account with MIRC CODE and IFSC CODE of branch
  14. Check electricity bill date
  15. If given driving license in Address proof Check driving license expiring date

Procedure for Registration under Rajasthan VAT

For Registration under VAT prepare following Document’s:-

  1. Application in form VAT-01 in duplicate.
  2. Security Bond u/s 15 on Stamp paper of Rs. 200/- duly signed by two guarantor’s only in case of obligatory registration.
  3. In case Guarantor not available N.S.C. FOR 10000/-
  4. An Affidavit on Rs. 10/- Stamp paper in form VAT-01B.
  5. Declaration of business manager in form VAT -02
  6. Copy of partnership deed, if any, Memorandum and Articles of Association of a company constitution deed of Trust ,Association of person or body of individual, certified by the applicant
  7. Copy of Resolution passed by board of director’s, in case of a company and of governing body ,in case of other entities for Authorization of a person to file the application for registration certified by the applicant.
  8. Two photographs of proprietor, in case of proprietorship firm every partner in case of partnership firm , Managing director/ director or Authorized signatory , in case of a company, Karta in case of a Hindu undivided family, and authorized signatory in all other case photograph shall be affixed on affidavit
  9. Copy of permanent account number allotted by the income tax department.
  10. Copy of rent deed on rent receipt of electricity bill of telephone bill or water bill or own property Document’s, in support of address.
  11. Please Check Your Dates for All Documents i.e All Document are new Documents (Last One or two months.)