How to Decide on a Criminal Defence Lawyer: All of the west has a very no-nonsense reputation when dealing with crime, but nations like the USA and Canada really do take the cake when it comes to prosecuting and imprisoning people. Unfortunately, many experts claim that a large percentage of people incarcerated or walking around with a criminal record are victims, not perpetrators, of an over-zealous criminal justice system that seeks to levy charges against people for myriad reasons. That isn’t to say that everyone’s innocent, of course; though it is a warning to good people who might find themselves in a situation where they’re fighting for their lives against a government system.

This is when having the right criminal defence lawyer makes all the difference. In modern western nations, using an English Common-law version of “justice,” every defendant is entitled to their own legal representation. However, the issue with this is that far too many people end up with court-appointed lawyers whose “defence” is really just an agreement with the prosecution to get you dealt with as quickly as possible to lighten their caseload. Then there are some people who are hiring lawyers but getting the wrong lawyers for their case. So, how can you find the best lawyer? Here are some tips to help you make the smart choice.

Things to Look for in the Right Lawyer

Decide on a Criminal Defence Lawyer

Find Their Specialty

The first thing you really want to look for in the right defence attorney is one who specializes in your charges specifically. If you have been charged with drug charges, you don’t want some divorce lawyer to take your case. They might be an incredibly competent lawyer, but this isn’t their field of expertise. So what you want is to check out a lawyer’s website and find out what they specialize in. This will give you the best possible chances of beating or at least minimizing your charges and subsequently, your punishments if found guilty. It’s incredibly important that you hire the right lawyer in terms of their specialty.

Check Out Their Reputation

The next step in really honing in on the right criminal defence lawyer for you is to look at their reputation. This can be a bit tricky. Every lawyer out there practicing law wants your business. This is what these people do for a career. So, by that standard, every single lawyer is going to advertise themselves as the best possible lawyer you can hire. What you want to do here is take to social media and find people speaking about a lawyer. For instance, if Mr. Doe, esquire, has done well by his clients, those clients will be singing his praises on blogs and forums and sites like Facebook. So check out a lawyer’s reputation.

Decide on a Criminal Defence Lawyer 2

Consult for the Right Fit


Another thing you can do is sit down for a consultation with a lawyer. You can contact lawyers via the phone or by email and figure out a good time to meet. The best lawyers out there will have no qualms whatsoever about sitting down with you for 20 minutes or so, hearing your charges, and hearing you talk about your side of the story. They will then lay out some possible options you can take, and perhaps even discuss strategy as it relates to mitigation and possibly winning your case. With this information, you can then determine whether you would like to hire this lawyer or whether you would like to keep looking.

Focus Locally

Although the last tip on the list, it is no less important to look locally for the right attorney for your case. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your lawyer, going over strategies and evidence and talking about possible repercussions. So you will have to meet up with your lawyer quite a bit leading up to a possible trial and during the trial. So it’s good to be close.

There are some really great lawyers out there who can help you with a wide range of criminal charges. Just make sure that you’re picking the best you can find for your case.

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