David Tepper Biography: David Tepper was born on 11, September 1957 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. He also owns a football team that plays in the NFL, His football team is named Carolina Panthers. In hedge fund circles, he is considered one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all time. He has given consistent profit for consecutive 20 years. He graduated from the University of New York, He got an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. 

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David Tepper Career

David Tepper, an American hedge fund manager and entrepreneur, is the visionary founder and managing partner of Appaloosa Management, a global investment firm overseeing assets exceeding $17 billion. In addition to his financial prowess, Tepper holds ownership stakes in the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL) and the Charlotte FC of Major League Soccer (MLS).

His finance journey began as a securities analyst at Goldman Sachs after college. In 1984, Tepper embarked on an entrepreneurial path, establishing his hedge fund, Appaloosa Management.


Appaloosa Management distinguishes itself as a global investment entity navigating diverse asset classes, encompassing equities, fixed income, and currencies. Tepper’s investing approach stands out for its contrarian nature, often involving positions in companies deemed unfavorable by mainstream investors. His reputation is built on bold and decisive decision-making.

David Tepper Wife

Tepper’s investment acumen has yielded consistent success, with Appaloosa Management achieving an average annual return exceeding 15% since its inception in 1984. Widely recognized as one of the most accomplished hedge fund managers, Tepper’s influence extends beyond finance.

In the realm of business, Tepper has made significant strides, acquiring ownership of the Carolina Panthers in 2018 for $2.2 billion and the Charlotte FC in 2022 for $325 million. These ventures further solidify his status as a multifaceted and successful entrepreneur.

Beyond the financial world, Tepper stands as a role model, embodying the spirit of success and resilience. His journey from securities analyst to hedge fund magnate and sports franchise owner serves as an inspiration for those aspiring to make a mark in the competitive landscape of finance and business.


Who is the CEO of Appaloosa Management?

David Tepper, widely regarded as one of the preeminent hedge fund managers of his era, established Appaloosa Management in 1993.

How old is David Tepper?

Currently, David Tepper is 66 years old (11 September 1957).

What is the height of David Tepper?

The height of David Tepper is 1.75 m. (6’ 3”).

What is the name of David Tepper’s wife?

David Tepper was married to Nicole Tepper (m. 2019), and Marlene Resnick Tepper (m. 1986–2014).


David Tepper Biography

Name:David Tepper
Real Name:David Alan Tepper
Profession:American business professional
Birth Place:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Date Of Birth:1957-09-11
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.75 m)
Weight:85 kg or 265 lbs
Eye Color:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Education:Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, Peabody High School, Pittsburgh, Tepper School of Business
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Spouse:Nicole Tepper (m. 2019), Marlene Resnick Tepper (m. 1986–2016)
Kids Name:Brian Tepper, Casey Tepper, Randi Tepper
Parents Name:Harry Tepper, Roberta Tepper
Divorce:Marlene Resnick Tepper (m. 1986–2016)
School:Peabody High School, Pittsburgh, Tepper School of Business
College:Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh
Net Worth:19000
Net Worth Unit:$19 Billion
Salary:2,060 crores USD (2023) Forbes
Monthly Income:$300 Million +
Annual Inccome:$2 Billion +

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