Cryptocurrencies Are Going To Skyrocket: An increasing number of investors are beginning to see cryptocurrency as a great asset to their investment portfolios as it continues to gain traction throughout the globe.

NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) and DeFi have been credited for reviving interest in cryptocurrencies after the collapse of ICOs (Initial coin offerings) in 2017 and 2018.

Many cryptocurrencies have the potential to skyrocket in value by the year 2024, and this list includes the vast majority of them. The cryptocurrencies included in this article are expected to rise in value by the year 2024.


The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is also the most valuable in terms of market value. After a meteoric rise beginning in 2020, Bitcoin’s price reached an all-time high in 2021. It’s possible that BTC may skyrocket in 2024 for several reasons.


There is a rising desire for Bitcoin to be recognized as a legal form of currency. The first nation to adopt Bitcoin as legal cash was El Salvador, and more countries are expected to follow suit by 2024. Bitcoin’s growth might be attributed solely to this.

Buying Bitcoin as a means for storing wealth may lead to a rise in this number. Experts believe that Bitcoin will be worth more than $100,000 by the end of the first quarter of 2024, as it’s value is predicted to continue to rise. 

Even though cryptocurrencies started the year at only 30,000 dollars, this highlights the rapid ascent of cryptocurrency as a new means to make money fast.

Despite the fact that making forecasts about something as volatile as Bitcoin is a total guess at times, experts haven’t allowed that to stop them from trying. The majority of experts think that bitcoin is going to increase in 2024. For this reason, the number of individuals who will invest their money in BTC will increase. For them, one of the prominent options is Bitcoin auto trading, as it allows traders not to miss a single chance and make the most out of BTC trading. Even if Bitcoin rises by two or three times that amount by the end of 2023, some analysts believe this is only the beginning for cryptocurrency.

Matthew Hyland, a technical analyst, and blockchain data analyst estimate a value of $250,000 by the end of January, which would need a significant increase.

Shiba Inu

Many individuals will be wealthy in 2021 thanks to the Shiba Inu breed. The price of the coin increased by an astounding rate throughout almost the whole year of 2024. Although $SHIB prices have fallen recently, this joke coin is still a cryptocurrency to keep an eye on in 2024.

In addition to NFTs, Shiba has entered the NFT market with Shiboshis NFTs. Shiba might blow up in 2024 if all of these things happen, among other things.

For the first quarter of 20242, Shiba’s price is predicted to be $0.000084, and it is expected to rise to $0.000088 by the end of the year. According to their predictions, the coin might lose another zero and reach $0.0001 in 2023, a 163% increase in the following year for Shiba Inu.


Ethereum is one of the longest-lived cryptocurrencies. It’s possible that the imminent Eth 2.0 update may cause the currency to soar.

To make Ethereum a PoS network, the Eth2 protocol update will also add shard chains technology. For example, poor transaction speed, expensive gas fees, security and user experience will be addressed by these technologies.

A more user-friendly Ethereum blockchain will result from the completion of the protocol improvements. Ethereum might explode thanks to the NFT marketplace and a slew of additional features.

Throughout the year 2021, Ethereum gained traction, and it is crucial to note how its value soared with the announcement of the ETH 2.0 upgrade.

Aside from this improvement effort, experts believe that ETH will rise to $6,000 by the end of 2024 as a result of this upgrade, which will continue in 2024 as well.


In 2013, Dogecoin was founded as a fun coin, but it has now taken a more serious approach to develop the Dogecoin blockchain and make the coin the ideal method of currency exchange.

In 2021, the Dogecoin foundation was established, giving the currency fresh life. Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk are on the advisory board, two people who might cause the currency to explode.

In light of recent Elon Musk’s supportive statements about Dogecoin, its market value has risen significantly. As a result, the group is enhancing the functionality of its products. Dogecoin might skyrocket in 2024 because of these variables.


The Polygon smart contract platform’s native currency is Matic. Matic’s appeal among dApp developers might make it one of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies by 2024. Polygon’s solution to Ethereum’s scalability issue is a multi-chain architecture that is also less expensive to use for transactions.

Matic’s appeal may be attributed in large part to its cheaper gas costs and better throughput. The polygon contract is likely to develop even more in 2024, which might lead to an increase in Matic size.

Matic is unquestionably one of the cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on in 2024, given the platform’s anticipated development and predicted usefulness.

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