Crack IIT JEE and fulfill your dreams: With everyone rushing to be in IITs, the craze of becoming an engineer is in trend now more than ever. Engineering is the most preferred career option these days, and it is quite evident in the number of students writing IIT JEE every year. Over 10 lakh students undergo the pressure of this exam every year. With the rising population, what makes you different? Why should you be selected? Your preparation speaks volumes. With the establishment of new coaching centers everywhere, it becomes imperative to choose the best coaching for IIT.

What constitutes the best coaching for IIT?

  • Meticulous curriculum – The best coaching for IIT offers a precise, well-managed, consistent, and competitive curriculum for its students to excel at JEE. With the hulk sized syllabus, institutes help students realize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses by writing regular tests, submitting assignments, clearing doubts, and still leaving room for self-study.
  • Legacy – Nobody can deny the role the past plays in the future. Deciding the best coaching for IIT was a tough task one or two decades ago. There’s no denying that a few of the new ones are performing great as well. But the best coaching for IIT like ALLEN arrived about thirty years ago and have proved their mettle.
  • Results – The alumnus of an institution are the best critics. ALLEN has given the world a majority of the top ranks in IIT JEE. The results of a coaching center distinguish it from others and speak for itself. The quality of results appears from the excellent education provided at the best coaching for IIT.
  • Feasibility – The best coaching for IIT focuses on students and the services provided to them. They provide an affordable fee structure, residential facilities, basic amenities, top-quality education, etc.
  • Faculty – Young students are very impressionable and quick to learn. The best coaching for IIT offers an experienced faculty that aims to impart knowledge to students. A professional and well-read teacher helps his students gain concept clarity, which is very important for these objective exams.

Being at IIT is a great decision one can make for themselves. It provides an ocean of opportunities as a science background student can make a career in any field. The growth rate for students who clear IIT JEE is exponentially high. Now you might be wondering, where will you find all these qualities in a coaching center? Don’t sweat because ALLEN is the answer to all your worries.


Why choose ALLEN?

The best coaching for IIT offers everything and more. ALLEN has been in a renowned institute for more than 30 years producing impeccable results. It is one of the prime institutes for IIT JEE preparation. Renowned for its rigorous curriculum and devotion to education, it matches all standard of the best coaching for IIT. It stands on the pillars of hard work, consistency, responsibility, and the future. It offers an accurate time-table and evaluation of its students to help them achieve better. They are well-known for:

  • Qualified faculty with experience and knowledge
  • Legacy of three decades
  • Best results over the years
  • 45+ yearly admissions into premier institutions
  • Inexpensive classes
  • Variety of courses
  • Time-flexibility
  • Package discounts, etc.

With ALLEN, all students can pave their way to success. They provide excellent academic support and personal care, which is very important for these competitive exams. It proves itself to be the best coaching for IIT.

More about ALLEN:

In 1988, Shri Rajesh Maheshwari started with only eight students, and after a few months, Dr. K.G. Vaishnava joined him as an eminent professor of biology. It was the only institution of its time to provide coaching for all subjects of study, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, under one roof. This strong association became the foundation stone of that time’s groundbreaking Pre-Medical Coaching Institute.

New heights of achievement were reached year after year. In 1991, the Institute reached a historic milestone of 12 selections in Rajasthan PMT. ALLEN has been known to create ‘never before’ benchmarks as it is the best coaching for IIT and other competitive exams.



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