The CCNP Enterprise certification is one of the most popular options provided by Cisco. Earning this certificate can be difficult and that is why you must learn all the details of the exam you have to pass. That is exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.


Anyone who is thinking about going for the Certbolt  Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO exam needs to know a few things that each potential candidate has to be good at. First and foremost, they should possess knowledge of the basic programming language concepts as well as a good understanding of virtualization. Besides that, the applicants have to know how to use Linux.

Exam Overview

Cisco 300-435 is a qualifying exam for getting three sought-after certifications, and namely Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation and Programmability, CCNP Enterprise, and 300-435 ENAUTO Exam . This test contains about 60 multiple-choice questions that have to be answered within 90 minutes. It can be taken in English & Japanese, and the students must pay the fee of $300. The applicants must get the passing score of 750 points to obtain the associated certificates. As for scheduling, this process is completed through the Pearson VUE platform.

There are many topics included in the Cisco 300-435 exam content, and they are listed below:

Network Programmability Foundation (10%)

  • Explaining the benefits of using the network configuration tools;
  • Describing the benefits of the Python virtual environments;
  • Interpreting Python scripts containing looping, classes, functions, and data types;
  • Describing the patterns used and the challenges encountered when consuming APIs asynchronously & synchronously;
  • Describing the characteristics of the API styles;
  • Utilizing the common version control operations with git.

Automate APIs and Protocols (10%)

  • Comparing the benefits, functionality, and uses of Cisco Exam & NETCONF;
  • Comparing the benefits, functionality, as well as uses of the native YANG models, OpenConfig, and IETF;
  • Interpreting a YANG module tree;
  • Identifying the XML and JSON instance according to the YANG model.

Network Device Programmability (20%)

  • Describing the Day 0 provisioning methods;
  • Describing the usage and benefits of telemetry data in network troubleshooting;
  • Comparing the subscription and publication telemetry models;
  • Configuring a subscription for model drive telemetry;
  • Utilizing Ansible to configure an IOS XE device;
  • Using RESTCONF API to configure a device;
  • Creating the Python script using ncclient that used NETCONF to monitor and manage an IOS XE device;
  • Implementing the device management and monitoring using NetMiko.

Cisco DNA Center (20%)

  • Troubleshooting the Cisco DNA center automation process using Intent APIs;
  • Implementing the API requests for the Cisco DNA Center to perform the network management tasks using APIs;
  • Implementing the Cisco DNA Center event outbound webhooks;
  • Describing the capabilities and features of the Cisco DNA Center;
  • Comparing software-defined vs traditional networks.

Cisco SD-WAN (20%)

  • Troubleshooting the Cisco SD-WAN deployment using vManage APIs;
  • Creating the API requests for Cisco SD-WAN vManage Monitoring APIs Administration APIs;
  • Implementing the Python script to perform the API request for Cisco SD-WAN vManage Configuration APIs to modify the fabric configuration of Cisco SD-WAN;
  • Implement the Python script to perform the API request for Cisco SD-WAN vManage device inventory APIs to display and retrieve data;
  • Describing the capabilities and features of Cisco SD-Wan vManage certification management APIs.

Cisco Meraki (20%)

  • Implementing the Python script for Cisco Meraki Alert WebHooks;
  • Using Cisco Meraki APIs to create and configure a network;
  • Describing the capabilities and features of Cisco Meraki.


These were some of the most important things that you need to know about the Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO exam. Passing this test can be great for your career and that is why you should go for it as soon as possible. Don’t forget to use updated exam dumps and practice tests to succeed with ease.

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