Celebrity Contact Information: Indian celebrities have a large and crazy fan following especially in Bollywood and Cricket like salman khan, Kapil sharma, ms dhoni, kangana ranaut etc,. Bollywood actresses, actors and Indian cricket players have millions of fans. Their fans are crazy and always looking for their contact information and details. It is a quite difficult thing when several non-useful sites came up.

Fans are interested in sending out letters to their favourite cricket players, Bollywood actors, actresses and other celebrity. So, let’s see how you can find Indian celebrity contact information.

Celebrity Contact Information
Celebrity Contact Information

Celebrity Contact Information Portals

It is one of the best ways to get accurate information about celebrity contacts. A dedicated celebrity contact information portal offer great insights such as house address/residence location, office address (production house), celebrity agent phone and more. If possible, please send your requesting letter directly to the office location of specific celebrity. Please do not visit any celebrity house in hope of meeting him. Most of celebrities are quite busy and they just give you their glimpse in front of their house such as Shahrukh Khan.

Check Magazines and Newspapers

It is the old way to find your favourite celebrity’s house location/residence. A film magazine gives you accurate house address/residence location. However, movie stars keep changing their houses here and there especially new comers and non-A grade actors/actresses. So, please try to get their latest residence location to send your letter with best wishes.

Popular newspapers also publish celebrity contact information. They do not publish this information directly like that but they simply mention the location of celebrity.

Ask Any Journalist or Popular Reporter

A good journalist or reporter knows everything about celebrity including Bollywood, cricket, politics and sports. If you know someone in your field, please get in touch with him/her and request for an address. It is also one of the best ways to get celebrity contact information.


Buy Celebrity Contact Information Book

A few publishing houses publish celebrity contact information book for a price. It is worth to pay a price for this wonderful book. However, the tradition of publishing these types of book vanishes quickly as the digital era emerges. You should try to get a latest book from known publishers for this purpose! A Who’s Who for the latest year is also an incredible way to get celebrity contact details especially their mailing address (postal address). A Who’s Who book cover wide range of celebrities contact addresses including politicians, former military officers (only top ranks) and so on.

So, best of luck for your finding and do not forget to share this article with your friends!

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