CA’s Responsibilities on this Independence Day, Independence Day has arrived.    It’s time to celebrate our glorious victory & so heroic history of freedom struggle. We have achieved our independence with lots of hard work. Definitely, we deserve to enjoy this day but that isn’t all. Apart from enjoying, we also need to also take some steps to contribute towards our nation’s progress & prosperity.

CA’s Responsibilities on this Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

This write up is to remind all the readers what we really owe to our country and how can we start contributing for our country & its people.

We, as professionals, even though we might be just students, can contribute a lot.

Here, are a few steps that I want each one of us to take:

Step I: Respect Everything, Respect All: Be it a man or a woman, a senior citizen or a child, we should respect each and every one of us.  Also be it our flag or national anthem, our historical monuments or flora & fauna of our Incredible India, we need to respect & preserve it all.

Step II: Swachh Bharat Mission – Lets make ‘Swachh Bharat’ our personal mission. We are young & passionate people; we have the power to change the world. Let’s begin this with a small change in our lifestyles. Let us take an oath to not dump garbage or spit at places nearby. We may not stop other people, but we can at least stop our own hands.

Step III: Anti – Corruption: May be this is a tougher or longer way to get things done, but this is the right way. Try to stop Corruption around you. You may be a CA, CS, CMA, Advocate or in any other field, you can create an anti – corruption ambience near you.


Step IV: Your personal Chipko Movement – Remember the movement when people use to hug trees when somebody used to come to cut them. Why not do the same today? Stop nearby trees from being cut & prevent animals from being hurt. Plant a few shrubs nearby. Gift a bamboo to your near & dear ones.

Step V: Pass on what you learn – If you have some skills or knowledge on a particular topic, and you find someone willing to learn, it is your moral duty to pass it on to others.

Step VI: Be Ethical – It is even taught to us in our professional syllabus, that earning money is not as important as being ethical is. If you follow the above stuff, you will definitely be a satisfied soul & will have a peaceful life.

Step VII: A Good Thing Every day: Let us make a small promise today. No matter how small or big a thing is, we will daily do at least one thing for somebody else every day.

Step VIII: Ensure your own progress: Apart from following the things mentioned above, you should also thrive for your own personal progress. At the end, what you achieve in your life, is also a way to contribute to your family & your society. By becoming a successful professional, you can secure your own future as well as help others in their journey to success.

Step IX: Never stop learning – Make sure you never stop learning new things in life. Otherwise, life will become a little dull & boring. No matter whether you are learning from a person younger to you or at a junior level to you, there is nothing called feeling inferior when it comes to learning.

When every one of us will take a few steps to contribute to our society, we will truly become independent. Wishing you a very Happy 70th Independence Day!

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  1. Dear Ridhi, it is a nice message u have written for our noble profession’s members/students. But sorry to comment out ur mistake in it that it is india’s 70th independence day, not 69th. U need to correct the same. By the way thanks for the message. Wish u a very “HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY”.

  2. Thanks Ridhi for such valuable message. You have written all the important facts, which are very close to everyone, in very short manner and intelligent manner. If every one adopt it then there Our India will become Best country in the world.


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