CA Final New Syllabus – International Tax as a subject for 130 marks, International Tax – New Portion in CA Final Direct Tax New Syllabus. In CA Final New Syllabus a major change which is happening is introduction of ‘International Tax’ as a separate subject for 100 marks alongwith Direct Tax Laws. CA Final new syllabus can be implemented at any point of time. CA Final DT New Syllabus is applicable when ICAI Issued Official Notification for Changes in Syllabus. After Changing CA Final Direct Tax Syllabus every student who opted new syllabus are require to study “International Taxation (30 marks)” along with Direct Taxes (70 Marks).

CA Final New Syllabus is applicable very soon and as per revised CA Final syllabus ICAI Divide CA Final Direct tax Syllabus in Two Parts : –

Paper 7: Advanced Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation

  • Part I: Advanced Direct Tax Laws (70 Marks)
  • Part II: International Taxation (30 Marks)

If you are searching CA Final Best Faculty list for “International Taxation” then Team Recommended Anuraag Singhaal CA(2005) and CPA(USA)(2008). You may find more details for Anuraag Singhaal from below article….

CA Final New Syllabus International Tax

CA Final New Syllabus – International Tax in Direct Tax

  • Now let’s talk about change in syllabus of CA Final. As all of you know that CA syllabus / course is undergoing a change and the new syllabus/ change can be implemented at any point of time.
  • Amongst other changes, a major/ big change which is happening is introduction of ‘International Tax’ as a separate subject for 100 marks alongwith Direct Tax Laws.
  • So, International Tax would be for 130 marks and overall weightage of DT would be reduced from 100 to 70 marks.
  • Yes friends, 130 marks for ‘International Tax’.

Note 2 – International Taxation (100 Marks) is going to be Introduced in CA Final New Syllabus as a separate subject, and this is not relevant for your Current DT Syllabus, Currently we provide only expected information related to “International Taxation “. If you have any query then please tell us via below comment box.

High Scoring Subject

  • First of all, let me tell you that these 130 marks could change the complete dynamics of your DT subject because – it may be going to be a HIGH SCORING SUBJECT.
  • However, it can be high scoring provided that you understand this subject from a high experienced faculty in International Tax.

Special features of International Tax

  • Let me tell you that International tax is going to be different from Direct Tax Laws in terms of teaching because Direct Tax Laws work on domestic principles. On the other hand, International Tax is framed based on International Principles which have broadly more or less same fundamentals across the world and globe.
  • Every country generally follows same fundamental laws with few / some modifications to adapt the International Tax Law.
  • Therefore, since as a faculty I have significant experience in International Tax & Transfer Pricing on practical assignments, I have absolutely great command on the concepts of International Tax and ability & technique to transform the knowledge to you.
  • And the objective of scoring high marks and to make career of students may be fulfilled.

Opportunities in MNC and across the world

  • Students, also understand that ‘International Tax’ is the one which can provide you immense and great opportunity to work in India for MNCs.
  • It also makes you competent to go for GLOBAL opportunities – as I told you that it works on broadly same fundamentals / concepts across the world.

Focus of Indian Government

  • Also, Indian Government is focused on ‘Make in India’ thereby opening the door for MNCs to work in India –in manufacturing & service sectors, etc. This would result in increased number of job opportunities for you to make a successful career in International Tax.
  • Let me tell you that there are separate wings of International Tax (& Transfer Pricing) in Income Tax Department.
  • Without me explaining you in much detail, you can understand focus of government on this subject.

Contents of International Tax

  • This subject is very wide and includes various international commentaries as well.
  • As a layman, it can be said that International Tax includes Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement & Transfer Pricing including the International Tax concepts which are there in Income-tax Act, 1961. And the same is expected to be in the course as well.
  • The precise content of syllabus would be available post official release of ICAI.
  • The important point to note on this subject is that it is not only wide but it may be very complicated too if someone does not have real / practical & significant background on it including international exposure and knowledge about international commentaries.

Expected Introduction of International Tax in CA Final New Syllabus



In order to transform knowledge on this subject, your International Tax mentor – Anuraag Singhaal would be launching classes for this subject – to help you in achieving your goals to become a successful professional and a leader.

Introduction of Author

  • As an introduction, would like to inform you that I am wiring this article to give you an update on International Tax and Transfer Pricing.
  • My name is Anuraag Singhaal – Your International Tax & Transfer Pricing Expert
  • I am a CA(2005) & CPA(USA)(2008) with 11 years of experience.
  • I have worked with PwC, Deloitte (Big4) & Reliance Industries Group, etc. Now, am running my own tax consulting firm and also engaged in mentoring CA Final Students for DT Subject.  I also teach to CPA students.
  • During my career, I have extensively worked on wide variety of assignments on International Tax, Transfer Pricing & Corporate Tax. I have worked for MNCs, Foreign Companies, Permanent Establishments (PEs), Indian Listed Companies, US Listed Companies, Big Indian Corporates, etc.
  • These companies were engaged in different sectors ranging from manufacturing to services to entertainment sector to financial services sector and so on.
  • Some of corporates for which I have worked are top 100 companies of the world.
  • Due to this, I have gained significant and all round experience on International Tax & Transfer Pricing and Corporate Tax.
  • For registration and enquires in Delhi contact – 9582039221 / 9811682345
  • Address – 4, Vaishali, IInd Floor, Pitampura Delhi – 34 (Opposite Red Line Metro Pillar No. 353)

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