A lot of managers today rely on business intelligence analysis tools such as those from Troparé to help them gain some valuable insights from their big data. Good data analysis tools allow them to improve their decision-making processes. However, with so many business intelligence (BI) tools out there on the market, determining which analytics software package is the best tool for your company can seem difficult.

As the popularity of big data keeps on soaring, more and more small businesses are now adopting BI tools. In 2019, the Big Data market value was estimated to be as high as $20 billion.

The question is why should your business use business intelligence tools?

Well, some time ago data recovery was reliant on the skills of advanced analytics experts. But that is now changing as people can do these tasks with little to no technical support.

BI tools empower you with the essential information that you need to better understand your business environment, such as its growth rate, future possibilities, and many more. While they may vary in function, price, usability, and integration capabilities, sales intelligence tools are highly useful for brand-building.

Top 4 Business Intelligence Analysis Tools

Top 4 Best Business Intelligence Analysis Tools
Top 4 Best Business Intelligence Analysis Tools

#1 Troparé Business Intelligence Tool

Troparé Studio (Troparé’s self-service data management platform) offers advanced business intelligence analysis tools in a single platform. These have been built to drive your decision-making processes and boost your marketing and sales as well.


Being one of the leading companies in the Self-Service BI &Analytics spectrum, Troparé’s tStudio is a marketing studio that consists of eight powerful closed-loop data solutions you can use for transforming your data-driven workflows.

Business users can easily digest data from a vast range of sources, and visually analyze the data to generate meaningful reports and launch micro-targeted campaigns. At the tap of a button, you can share business intelligence reports with your field sales representatives. You can also maintain an open communication channel between your marketing and sales departments using this tool.

#2 SAP Business Intelligence

This BI service provider offers advanced data analytics solutions in real time. Perform predictive analysis with SAP‘s business intelligence tools and benefit from machine learning and planning analysis.

SAP’s skilled staff are experts in reporting and analysis, office integration, mobile analytics, and data visualization among other areas. Their robust software is a great BI tool for business professionals in different roles such as management, IT, and end-users.

#3 MicroStrategy

This is a popular BI tool that offers high-speed dashboarding and data analytics to help companies track their trends, identify new opportunities, and boost their productivity. With MicroStrategy, users can connect to one or more data sources such as cloud and enterprise data software. You can access your data through their desktop PC or mobile apps.

#4 SAS business intelligence tool

SAS is a reputable data-driven company that specializes in advanced predictive analytics, and also offers a convenient business intelligence platform.

You can leverage SAS’s self-service tools to obtain metrics and make well-informed decisions about your business amid the ongoing pandemic. Use SAS APIs to obtain seamless integration and advanced data analytics and reporting. SAS empowers businesses with endless customization when it comes to business intelligence analysis.

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