If you have been wondering who owns Bitcoin the most, we see some exciting surveys have been done in this regard. We have seen more than 33 percent of these coins in circulation that have a control from a few hands. Despite the popularity of the said coin over the past few years, we have still seen the crypto remain the most valuable one, and it is secluded in a few hands only.

As per the study carried out by the body in the US called the National Office of Economic Research, mostly known as NBER, we see around 10K of some key people who have invested in this coin and own a big chunk of the coin. The identities of these big-time holders of Bitcoin are not known.

However, the information regarding the exchanges and the other groups are now known. These are now seen having and managing Bitcoin with the help of individuals. If you are keen on exploring this topic, If you want to make money with bitcoin trading, check the best cryptocurrency exchange of 2022.

Who owns big-time Bitcoin?

The study has no details about the names of the people who own the coins. Perhaps this is because we do not have many tokens accumulated under the digital gold. The study is not employed using some specialized data collection option to differentiate between different addresses that belong to too many people compared to the intermediaries.

The agency experts and researchers have found that 2020 had around 5.5 M of BITCs in the market. Today, we see many more coins and tokens working in this regard. Around 8.5 M tokens of the digital coins are found in their possession. When they researched in detail, they found out that around 1K of big-time investors have now come up with the idea of having more than 3 million BTC owners. As per an estimate, the concentration is on the higher side.

The concentration is seen adding measures that have further regulated things and make the things under control and rule, adding larger directions that are further controlled using the duplicate entry claims the group’s experts.


The studies data were not able to match correctly. It failed to establish the owners in a big way, thus giving away some of the best Bitcoin stored using 20K of addresses owned by anyone known as Satoshi Nakamoto. On the other hand, these are counted among the 20K of the holders. We now see many more are researching the concentration of Bitcoin and digital coins coming into the hands of the miners.

The NBER Data

As per the agency data, around 10 percent of the big-time miners are now seen holding around 90 per cent of the coins that have the capacity of mining Bitcoin coming under their control. Also, around 0.1 per cent of these people represent around 50 miners. And these further control around 50 per cent of the people with mining capacity.

Therefore, as per researchers, we have a good concentration on digital coins and only a few of these come up with Bitcoin networks that further become too weak to gain 51 per cent of attack. Hence if you find an array of miners not in agreement with any of the powerful and known miners, we see a good amount of network coming under control.

Also, as per the agency’s findings, many of the revelations talk about concentration. It will reduce with the rise of Bitcoin. It further helps gain the possibility of 51 per cent in the market as the network is growing higher.

Furthermore, the researchers were seen claiming that they have something exciting and novel about the database that carries a good number of sources linked to Bitcoin and the real-time entities. The top analysis helps in giving away the best of the transactions.

The high volumes of transactions that are seen coming up with network structure help many participants to remain under the garb of blockchain. Lastly, the elements of integrity are found with a Blockchain-based ledger. The concentration on Bitcoin ownership will remain on the higher side for the Bitcoin holders.

Wrapping up

In this way, you can see how Bitcoin remains among the top holders in the market.

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