Best Stock Performers of last 3 years – Complete Details, As the markets sank to 7 year low, in year 2015, at 25741 points, everyone got worried about their share holdings. But it was quite predictable trend ,after the SENSEX was overevalued and reached above 30000 odd. However bearish markets are considered to be a best investing opportunity, as they hold lowest costs and hence generate more than descent returns.This article will give complete details about some of the winners for last 3 years, which actually benefitted the investors on holding. Now check more details about “Best Stock Performers of last 3 years” from below….

Best Stock Performers of last 3 years


Well ,for those who are always in favour of blue chip stocks , this was the best bet ever.However the higher price per share would be supported only for holding for longer time.

Infosys Stock CAknowledge

(Google finance- Moneycontrol- Yahoo Finance)

As seen in above graph , the share price which was at Rs 587 in January 1st week of year 2013 , has almost doubled at Rs 1095 in last week of December 2015.So those who invested in Infosys in 2013, have almost earned 86% over costs in year 2015.

Also the graph predicts an upward continuous trend , which may continue in year 2016 also.As per company , it has been cutting costs with simulteneous efforts to raise margins and revenue.Moreover increasing EPS would attract the investors who are seeking long term wealth appreciation.

MRF Limited

MRF limited has been the largest tyre maker with its share price moving around 5 digits.t ahs largest market share of 30% , owing to growth in automobile sector.Moreover fall in rubber prices to almost 12.5% in year 2013 have resulted in increase in profits.


MRF Stock CAknowledge

With price of the stock at 13365 in year 2013 , there has been great spurt to 39585 in end of year 2015.Gain of almost 196% in stock price since year 2013 , has been USP , even if investment amount would be quite high to hold one share.

Indusind Bank

This stock is again packed with strengths in terms of returns trend and huge customer base.The bank has been one of the five banks which are able to generate positive earnings growth.This bank has traits of banking and non banking organization , which targets transport sector.This bank aims to provide loans to transport operators , also to retail investors to buy commercial vehicles.

Indusind Bank Stock CAknowledge

In the above graph we can observe that the stock price has risen from Rs 431 in year 2013 , to Rs. 948 in year 2015.This is almost double of the costs if purchased three years back.Also the upward trend continues in year 2016 also.

Rajesh Exports

This is little underrated stock which has given extra ordinary returns to the investors in shorter span.Lets look at its graph

Rajesh Exports Stock CAknowledge

Quoted at Rs 139 in year 2013 , this stock rose to Rs 677 in year 2015, fetching almost 380% returns.Rajesh exports is the largest gold jewellery manufacturer in the world and has received Rs 840 crores worth of export order from the UAE in year 2016.

With a little downside as with respect to 1% excise levy, this stock s otherwise expected to touch upward trends in coming years.This is because of rise in Gold prices all over the world due to increase in demand.


The above mentioned stocks are picked on the basis of best historic performances.So caution is to be exercised while buying them in the current market, because of changed prices.Even if you buy these securities or plan to buy , you should decide the exit price (stop loss) as well. This will save you from huge losses in case the stocks pick a downtrend.

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