Best ELD providers: According to the ELD mandate, most carriers and drivers must maintain FMCSA registered electronic logging devices to record their Hours of Service. Those who previously used paper logs or automatic onboard devices, have to change them into e-logs. A lot of questions surged regarding what devices should be used and what manufacturers were FMCSA approved.

The list of registered providers can be found on the FMCSA official website. Ezlogz is one of the most popular designers, whose products are certified and compliant to the mandate’s requirements. Looking for the ELD manufacturers, you should visit the FMCSA website. Picking the right ELD device can be a problem, but if you follow our piece of advice, you’ll make the best decision.  

Best ELD providers

U.S. software companies are continuously developing and marketing high-tech solutions for HOS logging. They offer various additional benefits: 24/7support, pricing politics, plans and other features. 

Here are some ways to choose the best ELD manufacturer for your fleet: 

  1. The electronic logging device you chose must be self-certified and registered through the FMCSA. Self-certification stands for the fact that the manufacturer must certify its product by itself in accordance with Administration’s requirements. Look for providers whose ELDs are compliant to the rule. A violation of the requirement can lead to wasting more money and time. 
  2. Add-on technologies can provide much more than the data required. Seek for services which would be useful for your fleet:  GPS tracking, mapping, communication within the fleet, driver identification, passenger management, reefer management, onboard cams, accident reconstruction, etc. The system must be simply operating with step-to step instruction. The best ELD for your work depends on your vehicle’s needs.  
  3. Safety violations can lead to costly penalties during the roadside inspections. Look for ELDs with maintenance alerts and driver vehicle inspection reports. Some ELDs are equipped with sensors detecting bad driving behavior: speeding, hard braking and other traffic violations.
  4. GPS-tracking systems offer real-time vehicle location data, arrival time calculations, and better routes mapping.
  5. Best ELD providers offer robust dashcam solutions. It is very convenient to have cams on the board. Smart cams can report accident evidence, better FMCSA compliance, protection of security, and driver monitoring. 
  6. Real people reviews are revealing about an ELD device. Drivers and motor carrier operators are those who use the product and have their professional opinion. Read reviews about ELD providers before making a final decision.
  7. Good ELD manufacturers offer free-trial periods for their products, so that you can choose the best device for your fleet. Free trial or demo version, free app – is the opportunity for you to test the device. 
  8. Get as more information as you can about the provider: years on the motor carrier market, industry ranking, partners and number of employees. 

Top ELD manufacturers

Here are some top ELD manufacturers for you to choose from: 

  • HOS247;
  • Samsara;
  • Ezlogz;
  • Keep Truckin;
  • BigRoad;
  • Garmin; 
  • Omnitracs;
  • Geotab; 
  • Verizon. 

They are popular among the drivers and fleet operators. Take into account all the possible data about these providers and their devices.  Also check Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


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