Exams are an important part of an individual’s life. Not only do they test the skill of a person they also prepare the candidate for the challenges that are to come in their life. However, these are also a cause of concern for many people. The concern mainly occurs as they are unable to score good marks in the examination. Previous year papers help the student to get rid of these concerns. The following are some of the several advantages of practicing previous year papers:

Helps the candidate understand his problems

Studying the contents of the chapter is not enough for any student. This is primarily because merely going through the chapter cannot help the candidate understand his problems. However, he can understand his problems while solving the previous year’s question paper. This is primarily because when the student solves these he is unable to answer some of the questions that are present in the paper. As a result of this, he returns back to the original text and prepares for the exam again. This often helps him secure good marks.

Helps to understand the important parts of the syllabus

The syllabus for the NEET exam contains several chapters. In addition to this, every chapter has many sections. Additionally, each section has plenty of information related to it. However, not all these are important. Previous year question papers contain segments from the vital parts of the chapter. Thus it helps the aspirant understand the critical regions of the syllabus. Once the pupil is able to understand these parts of the curriculum he lays more stress on the important parts. Hence he is able to score good marks in the exam.

Increases the confidence of the candidates

Previous year papers provide the candidates with a chance to practice questions that might come in the exam hall. This gives a sense of confidence to the students. They feel that since they have answered these so they can easily perform well in the final test as well. This is extremely important for the pupils because it drives them in the tough atmosphere of the NEET exam. It is always found that confident students perform much better than other aspirants during any examination.

Helps to chalk out the similar questions


Most of the exams have some questions that are common or similar to the previous year’s question paper. Aspirants can gain knowledge about these by preparing the solutions from the last year papers. Sometimes the students can gain knowledge about the questions that get repeated. On other occasions, they can know about similar types of questions. Both of these are extremely beneficial for the candidates. After knowing about these questions the individuals can prepare for these questions in a better manner. This, in turn, helps them get good marks.

Helps the student to plan his examination

Planning is important in every sphere of life. Proper planning helps the candidate execute these perfectly. This, in turn, helps them gain success. As previous year question papers contain the same time, the same pattern of question and similar types of questions so they help the aspirants to plan properly for their examination. This planning is extremely important as it takes them to a better place mentally during the examination. It helps them feel that they can write the correct answers. This again helps them score the desired marks in the exam hall.

Some of the different advantages of Vedantu NEET previous year question papers are provided above. The candidates will be able to understand that these are extremely important for an aspirant if he wants good results in the examination. In case he faces any problems he can always consult his textbook or other study materials. Various study materials are available both online and offline.

In addition to this, they come at reasonable prices so there should be no problems in purchasing them. They are made by professionals that have several years of experience. Thus the solutions and the explanations are extremely accurate. Additionally, the easy choice of words should help the students understand every part of the chapter with ease. So they should have no problem whatsoever in scoring good marks.


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